what jobs to become one, and how to go about it?

what jobs to become one, and how to go about it?

Become digital nomad is a way of life that attracts more and more self-employed people. Being able to operate from anywhere at any time is a very attractive asset. The job, like many others, has its advantages and disadvantages that it is important to know before starting.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the digital nomad


The freedom to travel: the digital nomad has this advantage and not the least of being able to travel when he wants and from where he wants. This is the main reason that attracts worker-travellers to this trade. Anywhere in the world, the digital nomad can move and exercise his activity. From the moment he can have access to a Wifi connection then he can work as he sees fit.

Freedom of schedules: here too, the digital nomad can organize himself in the way he wishes. No position with fixed hours to respect, no strict schedule. He manages his schedule and his way of working as he wishes without having to report to anyone. This freedom of organization allows the digital nomad to generally have a much more serene and stress-free quality of life.

The free choice of his missions: unlike a salaried job where the mission and the tasks must be carried out for a specific client without having the choice, the digital nomad has the freedom to decide on his collaborations by selecting his clients and assignments that interest him. He alone manages his clients and he alone decides whether or not to accept a collaboration. Depending on the feelings he has with the prospect or according to the proposed work, the digital nomad can accept or refuse to work with a client. Obviously at the beginning, it is often recommended to accept the missions to launch your activity serenely.

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Openness to the world: even if the digital nomad works alone, the fact remains that his freedom to travel gives him a real opportunity to meet people from all over the world while discovering different cultures. This is a real openness to the world and thus he can develop a very enriching social life which can even help him improve his activity.


Although the job of digital nomad has many advantages, it still has some disadvantages, starting with the instability of income. Indeed, the digital nomad being generally freelance, he cannot anticipate future missions so it is impossible for him to clearly predict his turnover. This can generate some anxiety when activity tends to be restricted during certain periods of calm.

The fact of not having a fixed address where to reside regularly can be a source of instability. Traveling around the world, changing workplaces very often can lead to short-lived social relationships. The digital nomad creates ties, but given his recurrent mobility, social ties are not stable, which can lead to a feeling of loneliness at certain times in the life of the digital nomad.

Then, the digital nomad does not actually need substantial and specific equipment to work, but it is still entirely dependent on an internet connection. Without a connection, it is almost impossible for him to carry out his missions in good conditions. It is therefore essential to choose a destination where high-speed WiFi connection is guaranteed.

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Jobs to become a digital nomad

Remote platforms

Given the increase in online activities, professionals are constantly in need of support to carry out their activity.

  • virtual assistant
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Translator
  • Proofreader
  • Transcriber

Web marketing

The webmarketing professions are very much in demand today and do not necessarily require a fixed office to be able to carry out their activity.

  • Community Manager
  • marketing consultant
  • Google Ad Consultant
  • SEO consultant
  • Copywriter


Over the past few years, start-ups have continued to develop remote working with their employees in all four corners of the world. It is not necessarily necessary to bring them together in the same place to be able to carry out your development activity.

  • Web developer
  • SaaS solution developer
  • web maintenance assistant
  • software developer


As a general rule, all creative professions can be exercised remotely. With the many digital tools today, it is increasingly easy to work as a digital nomad.

  • web designer
  • Web Editor
  • Graphic designer
  • UX designer
  • Photographer
  • Blogger
  • YouTuber
  • Influencer


Having an online store without any physical point of sale to manage is also an activity that can be exercised by being a digital nomad.

  • Etsy shop
  • Amazon FBA
  • E-commerce site

Tips for managing your digital nomad status

To become a digital nomad, it is possible to opt for different statuses: EURL, sole proprietorship, EIRL, SASU, even employee status. Indeed, in order to increase the loyalty of employees, some companies even go so far as to offer them to switch their activity to being a digital nomad. But it appears that the status that best corresponds to the life of a digital nomad is that of a micro-enterprise. Indeed, the latter offers many advantages for people working remotely.

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First of all, the ease of opening the micro enterprise. There are very few steps to take to become a microentrepreneur and these remain accessible. The management of the micro-enterprise is also quite simple since there is no obligation to keep accounts. It is just recommended to keep a book of receipts, to establish invoices to its customers and to declare its turnover online monthly.

Then, it should not be overlooked that with a microentrepreneur status, social charges are reduced to 22% on the amount of turnover. In addition, below a certain threshold, the digital nomad is exempt from paying VAT. It should also be noted that if the turnover of the digital nomad amounts to 0 then he will not pay any social security contributions.

Finally, the status of microentrepreneur allows, if the activity practiced is liberal, to have a turnover ceiling set at 72,600 euros per year. Beyond this ceiling for 2 consecutive years, it will be necessary to consider changing status.

Doing your job as a digital nomad is a life choice to be carefully measured before starting. Certainly the advantages are attractive, but the disadvantages are not the least. Not everyone can be a digital nomad, so before embarking on the adventure, it is vital to ask yourself the right questions and take stock of your life and professional goals.

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