what major changes for the next Apple Watch software?

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The next major release of watchOS, at number 9, will arrive in the fall. However, it will be presented at the next WWDC 2022 conference, which will take place on June 6. We will then be able to discover all the new features that will come to Apple Watch after the summer.

Until Tim Cook tells us a little more about it, we can only rely on the latest reports from analysts and sources close to Cupertino to get a glimpse of this watchOS. Here are precisely, according to Mark Gurman, some notable new features that the update should offer:

  • Health : improved detection of atrial fibrillation, in particular taking into account a new important parameter, i.e. the frequency at which the phenomenon of fibrillation occurs in the user, in a given period of time
  • Autonomy: new energy saving mode, to allow the watch to extend its autonomy. Unlike the reserve mode, currently available on Apple Watch and which only leaves the time visible on the screen by cutting off all the other functions, the new mode was an in-between between this reserve mode and the normal mode. Operating. Some features would therefore be diminished, others cut and a few still fully functional.
  • Dials: many existing dials should be updated with improved visuals
  • Sport : new choices of activity and training and consideration of new data during sports sessions
  • Satellite Connectivity: watchOS 9 may support a satellite connection in the future. Not all watches are likely to be compatible with this feature though. In any case, it would be, as expected on iPhone 14, to be able to send emergency messages to a predefined contact, as well as to be able to report a special event, car, boat or plane accident to relief

Other more minor changes should obviously also be part of it. Here are in any case on the day of the publication of this article, some of the most notable potential contributions of watchOS 9.

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