What Mexicans most miss doing in quarantine … being unfaithful!

Lo que más extrañan hacer los mexicanos en la cuarentena… ¡ser infieles!

The quarantine forced by the coronavirus has come to completely modify the lives of human beings, and in every way, including the way we relate, especially with our partners.

Being locked up at home has brought both sides of the coin in relationships; There are those who have seen their love life benefited and strengthened, while others claim to be living a true hell by being in the same home with the person they no longer love.

Apparently, the latter is what they are suffering from many Mexicans, since according to a survey carried out by Gleeden’s Spanish site, an extramarital dating platform, the majority of its users in this country indicated that what they miss doing the most since the confinement began: being unfaithful.

About 11,000 users participated in the study, 75% indicated that they keep in contact with their lovers virtually and most have confessed that during the quarantine, their sexual activity has increased; however this has led them to have even more desire to have an adventure.

Of those surveyed, 8% indicated that they also miss living with friends and only 3% indicated that it has been difficult for them to be away from their family.

Another curious fact from the Gleeden survey was that 25% of those who participated indicated that they had left home more than once to meet their lover.

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