What motorcycle can you drive with 14 years in Spain

What motorcycle can you drive with 14 years in Spain

who still wonders what motorcycle can you drive with 14 years in Spain, and apparently that happens in Google, shows that regulatory changes take some time to sink in. Almost 12 years: since September 1, 2010 no one can legally drive a motorcycle in Spain at that age, but yes with 15 years just fulfilled.

That is the specific function of Class AM Driving License, which replaced the old moped license and empowers you to drive from the age of 15, precisely, “two- or three-wheeled mopeds and light quadricycles”. A few lines later, the General Regulations for Drivers add an exception: “Until eighteen years of age [el permiso AM] will not authorize to drive the corresponding vehicles when transporting passengers.

And regardless of the age of the driver, in no case can mopeds be driven on motorways or dual carriageways, and when traveling on conventional roads, it will have to be on the hard shoulder. And if this does not exist, the essential minimum of the road must be occupied. In any way, on the other hand, the maximum speed is 45 km/h.

Whoever asks the original question may be interested in the fact that in order to obtain the AM permit for mopeds, applicants must pass the psychotechnical tests (common to any permit) and a theoretical exam on traffic regulations and signs. The test consists of 20 questions (instead of the 30 that the car or motorcycle has) and is passed with a maximum of two failures.

To the theory test is added a track exam which requires overcoming the specific maneuvers for mopeds, which are two. On the one hand, a zigzag at low speed to overcome five milestones without leaving the delimited area; on the other, a test drive by a band of limited width.

Best selling mopeds

The mopeds, with a maximum cylinder capacity of 50cc, can be piloted by those who have AM, A, A1 and A2 motorcycle licences, and drivers with a B car license. These were the best sellers in Spain in 2021, according to data from the two-wheeled employer, Anesdor.

  • Rieju MRT 50 // 1,766 units. An enduro bike that weighs 85 kilos and is also adapted for use on asphalt. It has disc brakes (260 millimeters at the front and 200 millimeters at the rear) and 20-inch wheels at the front and 18-inch wheels at the rear. It costs from 2,861 euros.
  • Peugeot Tweet 50 // 1,512 units. A model designed for the city with 3 HP of power, tall wheels (16 inches) and a range of 190 kilometers (it consumes 2.4 liters per 100 kilometers). For sale for 2,335 euros.
  • Kymco Agility City 50 // 1,094 units. The model is one of the most affordable on the market. It is sold for 1,799 euros with a 3 hp engine, 12-inch wheels and a weight of 97 kilos.
  • Niu NQi Sport // 1,047 units. An electric moped designed for urban mobility without emissions. It has a 2.1 kWh battery located under the seat and removable for easy recharging. Homologates a range of 70 kilometers and is for sale from 2,599 euros.
  • Piaggio Liberty 50 // 821 units. The access model to the Liberty family, which also includes 125cc versions, has 14 and 16-inch wheels (the front one is bigger) and a power of 3CV. It is sold from 2,499 euros.

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