what novelties to expect this year?

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2020 has been a busy year at Apple, with the release of many new products. We just recaputilized a few days ago all the novelties launched by the Cupertino company last year. This report allowed us to see that the rate of appearance of new Apple products over the last 12 months has been sustained. And that may well still be the case in 2021, according to rumors and analysts.

To see it, here are precisely in the continuity of our 2020 assessment, the predictions that can be made for 2021 on the side of the Californian giant.

Arrival in 2021 very likely

iPhone 13

A year without new iPhones would be a big surprise. We can obviously easily imagine that a new generation of iPhone should be released in early fall 2021. Logically, these would be new iPhone 13s.

These could have the following characteristics:

Apple Watch Series 7

As for the iPhone, we can expect a new generation of watches after the summer of 2021. This new Apple Watch could change its design according to the latest information on this subject. Some sources mention the arrival of microLED screen technology, while others rely on the integration of Touch ID. We will have to wait until next September to find out.

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Apple Silicon M2

While the M1 chip of the Apple Silicon project made a sensational entry into the market a few weeks ago, Apple could put the cover back at the end of 2021. The Californian firm should indeed launch in the fall of this year. year a new generation of Ax chip, which could be called M2.

It would be reserved for iMac Pro and Mac Pro at first. Logical, given that it would offer up to 12 computing cores.

© Apple

New 16 ″ MacBook Pro

The 16 ″ MacBook Pro is also expected to upgrade to an Apple Silicon chip this year. Some sources would see it integrating an improved version of the Apple M1 chip, in the form of a 12-core M1X processor with support for 16 GB of RAM. Others are counting on the integration of an M2 chip with roughly the same characteristics. Perhaps this is simply a disagreement on the name of the next generation of Appe Silicon chip. However, we can conclude that the next 16 ″ MacBook Pro should offer an improvement of the M1 chip introduced in 2020.

In addition, it would benefit from a new mini-LED technology for its screen.

New MacBook Pro 14 ″

Apple would launch a 14 ″ MacBook Pro this year. This model would replace the MacBook Pro 13 ″ of 2020 and would obviously integrate an Apple Silicon chip, either an M1, or an evolution of the M1 chip.

New iMac with Apple Silicon chip

The iMac should certainly be refreshed this year with the new Apple M1 processor. Difficult to say at this stage if other changes would be in the game. It was whispered recently the upcoming arrival of an edge-to-edge design for the all-in-one from Apple. From there to saying that this could already be the case in 2021, it seems complicated to us.

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New Apple TV

Apple was working hard on a new TV box, as Bloomberg reported via Mark Gurman a few weeks ago. One shouldn’t expect a major design change. On the other hand, this new generation of Apple TV would be focused on the video game experience and should therefore include components capable of underpinning good graphics performance. Maybe we would be entitled to an Apple TV with Apple Mx chip? LeaksApplePro would rather rely on an A12Z processor. Answer within a few months.

New iPad Pro

As with the 16 ″ MacBook Pro, the 2021 iPad Pro is expected with mini-LED technology. Remember that this allows a more measured energy consumption than OLED, but also better contrasts and brightness management.

The next-generation iPad Pro could arrive before summer 2021.

iPad Pro 4

iPad Pro 4 © Apple

New iPad

In spring 2021, a new iPad would make its appearance, slightly larger (10.5 inches in screen diagonal, against 10.2 for the current generation), but also thinner and equipped with an A13 chip. No Face ID at the rendezvous, but still Touch ID and even a Home button probably. For storage capacities, it would take twice as many GB as the current generation, or at least 64 GB.

Arrival possible in 2021


The AirTags object tracker was the subject of many rumors in 2020. Some analysts even saw the product released in 2021, when version 14.3 of iOS 14 already contained clues as to the object in question and its use. . Still, Apple has not revealed any information on this subject so far and that nothing certifies that the AirTags will indeed arrive this year. But all the elements available to date about them suggest a release in the next 12 months.

Tile tracker

© Tile

AirPods Pro Lite

After the release of the AirPods Max headphones in 2020, Apple could put its AirPods earbuds back in the spotlight in 2021. The firm would prepare a Lite version of the AirPods Pro. It would be a pair of in-ear headphones, equipped with active noise reduction probably less efficient than the non-Lite AirPods, all at a price lower than the 279 euros of the latter.

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In addition, according to some sources, two sizes of headphones are offered for a new pair of AirPods Pro.

Mac Pro mini

As a stationary computer, at Apple, and apart from Apple’s all-in-one, there is on one side the Mac Pro, large and expensive, and on the other, the Mac mini, very small, but much more accessible. Between the two, and especially for users such as video editing, music and image editing professionals, Apple offers no solution. The idea of ​​a Mac Pro mini would fill this gap and satisfy a certain need in terms of power for a more accessible budget than the classic Mac Pro.

Which of these products are you most looking forward to?

what novelties to expect this year?

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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