What objects does Jony Ive always take with him everywhere?

Jony Ive

In 2019, the design gentleman from Apple signed a very well organized departure from the company – unlike others – to set up on his own by creating LoveFrom, an agency now working for Ferrari or Airbnb. His appearances in the press have since become less and less rare, the latest being a paper by the renowned FinancialTimes.

In it, we discover a list of twelve objects that Jonathan Ive advises to have on you at all times to measure creations. Among them, one titanium tonearm for turntable over €5,000 the unit. That is the price of nearly half a dozen Technics SL-1210MK2s for resale, for an article to be found at Basil Audio.

turntable tonearm

© Dwight Eschlimann

A kit full of surprises

Jony Ive also carries with him a small case from the Visvim brand, it seems in leather and the price of which is around 250 euros in the shop.

Inside, there is a Montegrappa fountain pen, an eraser set with platinum, a Hermès measuring tape (∼ 500 euros), a magnifying glass and a letter opener. No Apple Pencil, however, or even an iPad or paper to bring sketches to life.

pencil case Jony Ivepencil case Jony Ive

© Dwight Eschlimann

Class first

As for the centerpiece of this collection, it is a weather Channel analog of Wempe, apparently dedicated to navigation originally. This serves as a thermometer, barometer, clock and hygrometer at the same time. It can measure pressure between 950 and 1050 hPA, and includes a synthetic fiber humidity sensor. The iOS Weather application has better watch out…

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Price of the beast: $1,960, or approximately 1,855 euros at the current exchange rate. With such a sum, you can also afford a MacBook Air M1 with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage. A computer whose curves were precisely designed by Ive, but which is not presented in its range. There is no doubt, however, that the businessman uses many Apple products: we have already seen him with an iPhone in his hand when he participates in events.

Wempe weather stationWempe weather station

© Dwight Eschlimann

And you, what are the objects that you never forget when leaving your home? Your AirPods, your Apple Watch?

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