What school supplies for a Montessori back to school?

What school supplies for a Montessori back to school?

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Will your child’s next school year begin with a Montessori start? If so, do you know which school supplies He will need ? As a general rule, all the Montessori didactic material is present in the class, including the necessary for writing. If the workshops are available to the children once the presentations have been made, each student must still have school supplies and individual accessories. We are therefore going to dwell on these lists in order to best prepare the back to school Montessori of your child.

Classic school supplies for a Montessori back to school

First of all, it is necessary to plan the school supplies classics with the purchase of a bag or small satchel large enough to put the notebooks, as well as the comforter and the child’s snack. Check that he knows how to open and close it on his own and that the bag is not too large in relation to his back and shoulders.

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School supplies to learn hygiene

Provide toiletries

For a back to school Montessoriwe must not only think of school supplies doomed to fill a kit. In kindergarten in particular, your child will need material to learn hygiene and autonomy. Remember to provide him with: a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste with a cup or individual storage, a washcloth to wash himself if necessary, and a change of clothes complete with a bag. To complete the hygiene supplies, opt for a box of disposable tissues.

Slippers for the Montessori workspace

In the space dedicated to Montessori workshops, children have the opportunity to carry out certain work on the floor, so it is absolutely essential to guarantee everyone’s hygiene. This is why we prefer a clean pair of slippers shoes in the space dedicated to workshops. This also avoids the noise caused by certain soles, which could affect everyone’s concentration.

plan a pair of slippers easy to put on alone. Avoid sock slippers that cause perspiration and can wear out quickly, as well as mules that don’t fit well. The ideal is a pair of slippers closed with Velcro.

What school supplies for a Montessori back to school?What school supplies for a Montessori back to school?

Supplies to promote independence

Clothes and shoes to put on and take off alone

In the same logic as the slippers, it is absolutely necessary to promote the child’s autonomy during the dressing and undressing phases. Whether it’s for recreational breaks, going to lunch or doing physical activities, your child will have to leave the classroom space several times a day.

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For the youngest, we forget the laces as well as the clothes with small buttons. Prefer skirts or pants with an elastic waist and zippers with a sufficiently large slider. These are not school supplies strictly speaking, but it is just as essential to think about it!

A cushion for sitting and resting

The list of Montessori back-to-school supplies may include cushion. It will be used for rest times and for your child’s comfort during regroupings, since they most often take place directly on the ground on an ellipse. Your child will therefore be more comfortable, and this will at the same time delimit everyone’s personal space.

A cup for self-drinking in the classroom

Among other school supplies, an individual cup will often be requested, whether in class Montessori kindergarten or elementary. The goal is to give the child the opportunity to help himself to a drink. He will take the opportunity to learn how to use a tap, a pitcher, but also to clean his cup. Favor a plastic or recycled bamboo model, but especially with a pattern to make it easily identifiable by the child.

The necessary lunch accessories

If your child is entering a Montessori school, as far as lunch is concerned, you will have to adapt according to the structure. Some include a canteen and others simply have a dining area where everyone eats the lunch they have brought.

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The lunch accessories in the canteen are restricted: a napkin and a cloth pocket marked with the child’s name. For the little ones, bibs with elastic that are easy to put on and take off are recommended. This is also equally valid if you are homeschooling. It will be necessary to provide a dedicated space with useful accessories for the meal, and at child height.

For structures that do not provide lunch, consider equipping your child with an insulated lunch box with a refrigerated block inside. For cutlery, opt for models adapted to the size of the hands.

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