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What shoes do you wear and I’ll tell you who you are


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I love shoes, if I go into a store and see the shoe department it attracts me like a magnet. There are many of us who enjoy wearing high heels that make us feel more confident.

And the thing is that the shoes not only complement our wardrobe, but also reflect the way of being of a woman and her attitude towards life. Next, I am going to reveal to you, according to many studies, the personality of each woman according to the style of shoe she wears:

Tennis: Those who love these sneakers are the ones that do not complicate their lives, they tend to be fun and sociable. Have you noticed that the “milleninals” wear them with all kinds of outfits? Even on a red carpet you can see a famous young woman dressed up in tennis shoes. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the generation of these girls has a reputation for being uncomplicated.

Boots: The woman who uses them is characterized by having her “pants well on”, she is clear about what they want, so much so that they do not need GPS hehe heh, because they know where he is going. She is determined, independent and with a stronger character.

Moccasin: Those who prefer low, closed shoes are practical, committed and hard-working women. They don’t like wasting time. According to a survey carried out with men, they assured that they perceive women in loafers as less passionate than others. So my recommendation is that you don’t wear this type of shoe for a romantic date.

High heel shoes: Women who prefer high heels like to feel glamorous, sexy, empowered and confident. Also, enjoy being the center of attention. I see it’s no coincidence that I loved using them.

As the famous actress, singer and model Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a woman a good pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”

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