what this Chinese Year 2021 holds for you

horóscopo chino año del buey

This 2021, the king of the Chinese Zodiac is the Ox, so if you were born under this animal, we tell you what awaits you, and happy Year of the Ox!

Welcome to the Year of the Ox 2021, the long-awaited recovery arrives! Is your Chinese year And that will give you an extraordinary strength that will allow you to be the support of others but also to open up and be less reserved and demanding. Relax a bit and enjoy things. A very positive cycle is presented to discover yourself to others and move forward in your life. Take advantage of this moment to practice these rituals of the Year of the Ox that you can do at home.

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It is your year, you will be the king of the Chinese Zodiac, and this implies that you will have to guide the others a little with your calm and your serenity. You must take into account the needs of others and act as a spur for them to join forces and reach the goal.

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February 12 2021 begins the Year of the Ox. If you were born under this Chinese horoscope animal, read the following:

You must learn to abandon your personal path to follow the ‘Great Universal Path’ instead.

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Work and projects

It is clear that it will be a pretty good year for you, although you may have a tendency to worry excessively about problems, your situation or someone you love.

You will be the support and comfort of others this year, but it will also be good that you can have someone to unload your worries, ask for advice or seek help.

Do not close. Although you can go very far with your work, sometimes you are too distrustful and do not count on others as much as possible, and that prevents you from prospering to the extent that you deserve it. In any case, be a little cautious and take a wide look at your surroundings because you will see other opportunities.


The I Ching advises union and solidarity. As it is your year and having the energies in your favor, you are required to learn more, that is, to seek in giving yourself to others, solidarity, generosity and common effort a way to smooth a bit that dryness and demand that you are capable of show and how bad it falls to others.

Sure you see things as they are, but do not demand the perfection of others when no one is, starting with you. You are reluctant to surrender to love because you think that this way you protect yourself from uncertainty, that is not true and you are going to discover it this year by living a great romance. Perhaps you will regain the relationship you already have, becoming more romantic, or open up to a new experience.

Interior life

The attitude we take towards life leads us along our Tao or spiritual path, but this year we must learn to abandon that personal path to follow the ‘Great Universal Path’ instead.

It is about reaching the highest point of the spiritual path through a common upright conduct. Because following the Tao is not a single thing. To reach it you need the participation of others, both people and the Universe. All of them represent energies that enrich you and, even if you don’t understand them or don’t share their way of seeing life, enrich yourself with them. The I Ching proposes that you integrate, that you try, that you get on your way.

what this Chinese Year 2021 holds for you


Fire: From 11-II-37 to 31-I-38

Land: From 29-I-49 to 16-II-50

Metal: From 15-II-61 to 4-II-62

Water: From 3-II-73 to 22-I-74

Wood: From 20-II-85 to 8-II-86

Fire: From 7-II-97 to 27-I-98

land: From 26-II-09 to 13-II-10

Metal: From 12-II-21 to 31-I-22

By: Ana Benavides

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