What to do in Quebec in winter?

What to do in Quebec in winter?

After a very tense year 2020 following the virus, we have decided today to continue to encourage local tourism. And since our arrival in Quebec in May 2018, we have had the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons in Canada, namely winter. Today, I am sharing with you what to do in Quebec in Winter.

Our favorite activities to enjoy Quebec in winter

Introduction to Fatbike (mountain bike) at Mont Sutton

New activity to discover in Quebec: Fatbike, also called mountain biking. And it was at Mont Sutton that we discovered this activity rich in adrenaline. We decided to do an initiation before the first snowfall to feel really comfortable. And now we can’t wait to be able to test the Fatbike as soon as winter arrives, but especially downhill!

The principle: hurtle down snowy slopes, undergrowth and mountains in winter using this bike with very large tires to guarantee grip! Advice: choose your route carefully, because very often, the activity starts with the ascent of the mountain by bike. Much more tiring!

Enjoying Quebec in Winter: ice skating in the heart of the forest in Quebec

Ice skating is also part of Quebec culture. Whether it’s simple walks on the lakes or lively hockey games, the majority of Quebecers are addicted to this activity. And if the fact of going around in circles on a neighborhood ice rink does not excite you, I advise you to try skating in the heart of the forest. Our favorites go back to red maple in Saint-Valère and the Lost Forest between Trois-Rivières and Shawanigan.

Ice skating - Quebec winter

Have a blast with competition dogs in dog sledding

Dog sledding Quebec

We might as well tell ourselves right away, we hate activities that exploit animals. No matter the animals and no matter the country. We prefer to have the chance to meet them in their natural environment, where the encounters are much stronger. But when we discovered a small breeding of competition dogs in the heart of the Quebec countryside, we decided to learn more about the practice and better understand this environment. Direction Liguorian Adventures in St-Liguori.

Beyond a very nice walk in the heart of the plains and forests of the estate, we will learn that David is a farmer the rest of the year and that he is passionate about races of several hundred kilometers with his dogs. breeding in winter. Outings with travelers are therefore limited and only for the purpose of continuing to train dogs. We found there an enthusiast, in love with his pack, who favors the welfare of animals before the business of dog sledding. And just for that, we highlight the effort!

Enjoy Quebec in winter: outdoor spas in -30 °!

It is certainly one of the Quebec habits that we immediately adopted (especially me)! When temperatures drop very low, the sensations of an outdoor spa heated to 40 ° are increased tenfold.

So among our best addresses in Quebec, we recommend the Kinipi Spa near Trois-Rivières and the Polar Bear’s Club near Saint-Sauveur.

And believe me, winter is much easier to enjoy when you bathe in 40 ° water.

KiNipi spa in winter at Trois Rivieres

A good dose of adrenaline in the slides

Another activity that we discovered when we arrived in Quebec, tube slides. Based on the concept of water slides with buoys, it is a matter of sliding on snowy slopes with the same buoys, at the foot of the ski slopes. Even the lifts are included and are done directly in the buoys! Pleasure and sensations guaranteed to Saint-Jean de Matha slides.

A nice snowshoe hike in Saint Alexis des monts

If there is one favorite activity for me in Quebec, it is snowshoeing! With good ski gear and comfortable shoes for the snow, snowshoeing is a real pleasure! Many marked and free trails are easy to find in the parks of the region. And there is something for all tastes, over all distances and with varying degrees of difficulty! My crush returns at the Aqueduct lake trail in Saint Alexis des monts.

Quebec winter snowshoe ride

Snowmobile ride Arctic Aventure laurentides

Snowmobile session on the plains and lakes of Quebec

One of the flagship activities in Quebec in Winter, the snowmobile ride. The large white spaces are yours, snow as far as the eye can see and pretty paths that crisscross the regional countryside. Hundreds of kilometers off roads and traffic to enjoy the time of a stroll in the white landscape.

Although it is very easily accessible in Quebec, with or without a guide since it is possible to rent a snowmobile by the hour or by the day in many businesses, it remains a risky activity. Like all motorsport, it is important to feel comfortable riding it and to follow all safety precautions.

Finally, be aware that in Quebec, the practice of snowmobiling with or without a guide is often not covered by conventional insurance. You will need to take out an option or a dedicated insurance to be covered. Remember to check!

Our favorite chalets to enjoy Quebec in winter

We had the chance to discover several chalets all over Quebec during our winter getaways. Here are some of our favorites:

The Paradis Boréal Spa Foxy in Saint Côme: a fully equipped mini-chalet, in a box with a terrace with breathtaking views of nature and the river. Not to mention a very nice private spa, in the sun all day! A real haven of peace to enjoy the magic of Quebec Winter. Chalet for 2 or 4 people available.

Box Chalet Quebec
Box Chalet terrasse spa Quebec

Chalet Saint-Louis-de-Blandford Quebec
Hammock and brazier Saint-Louis-de-Blandford Chalet

Chalet in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford: a charming little chalet for 2 people, well equipped, quiet, with a view of the snow-covered lake. Hammock and brazier to enjoy a hot chocolate at sunset! A very calm and snow-covered environment that will delight lovers of powder! The owner is really nice!

Chalet LAKE HORIZON in Sainte Lucie des Laurentides: a family chalet with 2 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 5 people. With terrace and a superb view of the lake thanks to the huge bay windows, bathrooms with spa baths and sauna, enough to relax after a good day outdoors. The fireplace is a real plus!

Chalet Saint Agathe des Monts Quebec

Laurentides Airbnb chalet

Other cabins recommended by travelers

  • Chalet du Lac Raymond : a charming yellow chalet in St-Côme, with 3 bedrooms, an outdoor jacuzzi and a huge game room. Perfect accommodation for families to enjoy the surroundings and meet quietly in the evening by the fireplace.
  • Tranquility and rest assured : a family chalet with a breathtaking view of the lake. Breathtaking panoramas all year round and particularly in winter. 3 bedrooms, jacuzzi and a huge lot to enjoy it!
  • Cottage on Cardinal Lake : a very large fully equipped chalet on the shores of the lake with a superb view. Jacuzzi in the huge garden and 3 bedrooms to enjoy with the whole tribe.

No AirBnB account? Create one with this link or by clicking on the button below to benefit from a maximum of 34 € reduction on your next reservation.

Up to € 34 off your next Airbnb reservation

Our tips for making the most of Quebec in winter

Equipment ready in all situations

Winter can be harsh in Quebec. I therefore advise you to always leave well equipped, whatever activities you choose. Remember to tell a third party your intentions for walks (reception, hosts, rental companies) so that they can give the alert in the event of a problem. Also plan several layers of clothing on you, not forgetting the ends. Depending on the intensity of the activity, you can then add or remove a layer of clothing to stay warm. Remember to hydrate and have something to snack on if needed. The quieter activities such as snowshoeing are nevertheless intense, a little comfort is always welcome.

kanatha-aki laurentides dog sled ride

Remember to check the insurance for each of your activities

Before you head out into slips or storming the trails by snowmobile or sled dog, check whether your insurance will cover you in the event of a problem (injuries, accidents, etc.). Snowmobiling, for example, is often excluded from insurance contracts and it will be necessary to take out an option or additional insurance to enjoy it safely. Do not hesitate to ask the question to the person who welcomes you, they are often well informed about the risks and the adequate insurance. More info in our article to choose the right travel insurance.

Don’t overdo it!

With the magic of snow in Quebec, we often want to test everything and experience everything. But remember, the climate is different and jet lag can play tricks on you too. Become aware of your state of shape before embarking on energy-intensive activities such as Fatbiking. Better to plan one activity per day to be sure to take full advantage of it rather than running from one point to another to do everything. And then enjoying the chalets is also a Quebec activity!

And you, what are your favorite winter activities in Quebec? What do you do in Quebec in winter?

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