What to do when a tooth breaks?

If you have ever had a tooth or molar extracted, you have lost a piece or you have had oral surgery, it is very sure that you know what it is to eat with limitations.

Nothing like oral health, all the teeth in optimal conditions and in their place.

What about a broken tooth?

The causes that lead to a broken tooth are diverse, perhaps a direct blow, an accident, biting something hard, cavities, previous reconstructions or treatments, certain foods, among others.

What is a fact is that once an affectation of this type occurs, the next act should be to consult a specialist for its repair.

tooth injuries

There are a variety of dental injuries, such as fissures and fractures, in areas such as the enamel, the crown, in the pulp, among others.

In the event of an emergency and part or all of your tooth has been knocked out, grab it quickly and place it in your mouth on the side of your cheek, or preserve it in a container with milk.

This is in case you can rejoin thanks to your trusted specialist if you contact him as soon as possible.

The treatments to be used will depend on the particular condition and the degree of its affectation, being from something external to internal.

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In some cases there will be a greater margin of options to choose the treatment, such as surgery, reconstructions, veneers or inlays where materials such as composite, resins, porcelain, among others, are used.

The intention of the specialist is generally aimed at safeguarding the integrity of the tooth and preserving it, however, depending on your condition, root canal or endodontic treatments may be chosen.

Even more severe alternatives would be the extraction of the piece and later the use of an implant to replace it, dental bridges or removable prostheses.

Don’t wait for the tooth fairy, visit her for timely treatment.

In most cases, if you have some type of dental injury, it is best to give it prompt and timely attention. Give it priority if you find yourself in that situation or keep it in mind if necessary.

Visit your trusted dentist or dentist and avoid further complications in the future, it is best to solve the problem ahead of time and not wait for another more complex situation to arise later.

If you consider it necessary, consult with other specialists about possible actions and treatment alternatives to make the best possible choice for your oral health.

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Source: Harvard Medical School

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