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Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) has a habit of revealing secret information about Apple’s future plans almost every week. What’s more, for several months now, he has been seeing fair most of the time. About 87% of rumors published by the editor have been found correct in the past. So let’s see what awaits us for the coming months …


Gurman initially assumes that the majority of the iPad lineup will be revisited next year. This would include an iPad Pro with wireless charging (finally!), The fifth generation iPad Air and the tenth “classic” iPad.


An iMac with a proprietary chip as well as a MacBook Air (new design and M2 processor) would also be in the boxes. It is not the first time that we hear about it: already previously, it was question of the diagonal of the desktop computer which could reach twenty-seven inches. A small MacBook Pro, a Mac Pro and a Mac mini could also see the light of day.


The iPhone SE 3 is talking about it again. Everything suggests that it will be 5G compatible, which is the least of things today. Oh, and there are rumors that this laptop could be marketed during the coming March. Obviously, the product would be accompanied by the iPhone 14 in the fall. To find out more about them, we invite you to consult our dedicated article:

iPhone 14 rumors

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Three versions of the Apple Watch are said to be in the works. The first would correspond to the Series 9, while the second would be an update to the SE edition which can be considered today as the best value for money in the collection. Finally, we would also be entitled to a much more Apple Watch ”solid”Than this sport-oriented duo. We can bet that its resistance to water, scratches and dust will be improved, as will its hull, which, as we recall, is still made of aluminum today. A relatively friable material.

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The AirPods Pro appear to be on track for a second version in 2022. It would then be released almost three years after the original, and would continue to raise the level of the recently unveiled AirPods 3.

Mixed reality headset

For once, Gurman also recalls that Apple would be ready to finally present its headset combining virtual reality and augmented reality. It would focus on video games (available on the App Store), integrating a fan and several processors. The screen resolution would be excellent to also allow viewing of other media, while Animojis would improve the FaceTime experience.

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