What to expect with the iPhone 14 Pro’s “Always On” screen

écran Toujours activé

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max both feature a ProMotion refresh rate of up to one hundred and twenty frames per second, adaptive. This means that its cadence may change depending on your needs. So, when you watch a video on Apple TV+ or play an Apple Arcade game, it is of course necessary to take advantage of a significant frequency. But to read a digital book or Messages, no need: the rate can then drop discreetly.

It is from this advantage that the new functionality takes advantage Always on, well known to Apple Watch users and now available on the new high-end iPhones. We were able to learn more about this solution last week, from the mouth of the developer. And now, it is the tests that allow us to understand even better how this interface behaves.

In the car or in transport

screen Always on is particularly useful on the move, since this is when we try to save as much energy as possible so as not to have to recharge our iPhone 14 Pro on the fly. It is for example possible to display the indications of your Apple Maps directions on a black background when driving, thus ensuring less distraction and therefore more road safety. Even if of course, we remind you, the use of the smartphone is strictly prohibited while driving.

Always On screen

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If you record a voice memoyou can also lock your screen and the mode Always On will continue to tell you the recording duration, playback controls and title of your memo. In the case of an audio call, the name of the correspondent remains very visible but the seven main buttons (hang up, add a participant, activate the loudspeaker, mute the microphone, access contacts, open the keyboard and activate the video) are darkened.

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The notifications !

But the main asset of the screen Always On is probably quite different. Indeed, the slab can also display the notification icons from your favorite apps on a dark background, which is really not to displease us as this was long awaited. Thus, in the blink of an eye, it is your Facebook or Instagram messages that you can see without revealing all the content. Confidentiality as a bonus, therefore!

Always On screenAlways On screen

© Brian Tong / YouTube

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

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