What to put on the birth list?

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The birth list contains the essentials for your baby’s first year. You can also add your little favorites and products that can be used even in the long term. To guide you, we have made a list of important items that you can put there.

The health record cover, ideal gift at birth

The health record cover is an original and very practical accessory. During the baby’s first weeks, you will have to use his vaccination record several times. This repeated use could quickly age the health record, which is an important document.

In addition, you can accidentally spill water, drink, food or coffee on it. With a health book cover, the document will not get dirty and it will stay new for a very long time. It is made with organic cotton and is available in different colors. For example, you have health book covers with floral or star prints, geometric patterns or solid colors. You can also personalize this accessory and write your child’s name on it.

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A baby library for your newborn

You can also put a baby library on your birth list. It is a trunk often made of wood which allows protect and keep your baby’s memories. It is often large and can contain her first outfits, her shoes, the maternity bracelet, the locks of cut hair…

These items can get lost over time if you don’t store them properly. With the Bébéothèque, you will keep them for many years and you can open them later. It will then become a real treasure box. Through these objects, the child will be able to discover his first moments with you. You can also personalize these trunks by engraving your baby’s name.

A Montessori grasping ball, for 3-month-old babies

There is also the grip ball to put on your birth list. This fun and educational material is increasingly appreciated by parents and children. This gripping ball is made up of many pads that have fluffy, soft, firm textures…

It is much more recommended for children who are already at least 3 months old. It is at this age that they try to grab objects. The ball will therefore help them develop their fine motor skills and control their hands more quickly and easily.

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The sling and the baby carrier

The sling and the baby carrier are equipment that allow you to carry your child. You can have it on you and go for a walk, work or do the chores around the house. They also help the child to be safe and strengthen the bond you had with him.

These accessories serve the same purpose, but they are not not designed the same way. The sling is a fairly long and resistant fabric that you must tie yourself before putting your baby in it. Some are fitted with rings that just need to be adjusted. With this equipment, you can carry the child on the stomach, hip or back. Regarding the baby carrier, it is a kind of bag equipped with a harness in which the child can sit.

An activity mat, the perfect gift from the birth list

The activity mat is an accessory that your baby can use from his first months. It would therefore be an excellent idea to put it in your birth list. He can be foam or fabric and it allows your baby to play comfortably while sitting or lying down.

Its different textures, shapes and colors will stimulate the senses of the child and help him discover little by little what surrounds him. We advise you to add an arch above the activity mat. You can hang toys such as stuffed animals, small mirrors, a gripping ball…

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The baby monitor or baby monitor

The baby monitor is one of the accessories you will need from the moment your baby is born. It allows you to monitor him even when you are not in his room. Thanks to this device, you can know the needs of your child even from a distance.

Depending on the model chosen, you can see it through an infrared camera. Some also help you to check the child’s breathing, heart rate… It is therefore an essential item that we advise you to put on your birth list.

A cane type stroller

The cane-type stroller is a very practical accessory that you can use from your baby’s 6 months to 5 years old. It is different from the carrycot since the child is seated and not lying down. It is therefore very practical for walks. The child will have the opportunity to look at his surroundings and discover the world little by little. Having this equipment in your birth list will allow you to anticipate your baby’s growth.

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