What was Raúl de Molina’s first job?

¿Cuál fue el primer trabajo de Raúl de Molina?

Raul de Molina he may currently be one of the most popular presenters on the small screen, however before fame had to start from the bottom. Today we are going to tell you about the first work of “El Gordo”.

A couple of years ago Raúl revealed that he was not always interested in photography, because before he was a renowned paparazzi He wanted to enter the news media, however he quickly became disenchanted. At 17 he found his first job as delivered newspapers in the morning.

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This happened when he was not going to school and had to find ways to help out at home. However, this did not last long because it did not take long to be interested for photography And that’s how he trained to become a great paparazzi.

But that was not the only job that Raúl had as he also revealed that worked in a construction for a short time; after a bucket of water falls on his head he realized that this was not for him.

The truth is that Raúl has always worked hard to have the fortune that now boasts, this is how he got to become a famous presenter and now he can enjoy traveling the world next to his family.

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