What will Change in 2022!

2022 is going to be the year of change for the Instagram feed. On the program, an algorithm once again modified to the delight of users and digital professionals. Here is what will soon evolve on Instagram.

The current post feed will now be split into 3 separate Instagram feeds!

new instagram feeds
Overview of the Instagram feed type selector

Yes, three.

You will soon have only one and unique Instagram feed with algorithmically prioritized publications but 3 distinct feeds which will each respond to different intentions.

1- The “favorites” Instagram feed: only the publications of his favorite accounts

To describe the new “Favorites” feed in a few words: just like on YouTube or Linkedin where users can activate the bell to follow an influencer or a content creator in more depth, Instagram will launch a feed reserved for “favorites” in which its users can add their favorite accounts that they want to follow and see in priority in their publications thread.

2- The “Following” feed: this is the big comeback of the chronological insta feed

With the arrival of the Instagram algorithm classifying publications according to many parameters including interactions and engagement rate, many accounts had lost visibility on the social network dedicated to sharing photos, videos, IGTV, reels and more. stories.

Instagram announced that in 2022, a feed dedicated to the publications listed in chronological order of publication would make its big comeback on the application: it will be called the “following” feed.

3- The “Home” feed: the current publication thread and managed 100% algorithmically

The third and last feed will be none other than the current feed which fully algorithmically manages the appearance of publications in the users’ feed.

This will be the feed displayed by default when connecting to the application.

How to change from one Instagram feed to another?

The change will be done with a simple selector and a drop-down list from the top of the app’s user interface.

What changes for brands and community managers?

These new feeds will lead to two major changes and challenges for brands and professional accounts:

  1. Encourage subscribers to add their account to favorites : Ensuring that its subscribers add you to their favorites so that they see 100% of your content will now be essential to maintain organic visibility over the long term.
  2. The big comeback of ideal publication times to boost your organic reach Choosing when to post will be even more important than before as it will significantly affect your organic reach with the timeline feed. You will thus have more chances of having a strong organic reach if you publish when your audience is connected (if and only if the latter uses the chronological feed, of course…).

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