What you can’t miss from Univision and Telemundo in 2021

Lo que no te puedes perder de Univision y Telemundo en el 2021

After a 2020 where instead of premiering most of the productions were canceled, 2021 promises revenge for chains such as Telemundo and Univision.

Shows we miss are back, they premiere productions that raffled the protagonist of 2020, COVID-19, and those who stayed so eager are encouraged.

Internally Univision officially begins with its new buyers with Wade davis as CEO, and a new president who will soon make official. In the case of Telemundo, Ronald Day, who was announced in 2020 as president of entertainment, will deploy all his artillery to make the network a leader.

Now, going to the programming of what they both assure that we cannot miss, we tell you what they promise us and you decide who you stay with:



Lo Nuestro Award. Photo: Univision

They return this 2021 ‘Lo Nuestro Award’. It was hard to miss one of the highest rated awards dedicated to music. As always, they surprise us with the theme they choose each year, but to know what it will be, the nominations and the date of the ceremony we will have to wait until January 12, the day they will be announced.


Michelle Renaud, Danilo Carrera and Scarlet Gruber in 'Quererlo Todo'
Michelle Renaud, Danilo Carrera and Scarlet Gruber in ‘Quererlo Todo’. Photo: Univision

‘Want it all’, starring Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud, premieres January 4 at 3/2 PM Central. Produced by Ignacio Sada (‘Simply Maria’, ‘Shelter for love’), this romantic drama tells the story of Valeria Fernández, who has been Leonel Montés’ longtime girlfriend without ever questioning her love for him. After his father, a wealthy landowner, dies, a war breaks out between the heirs for fortune. In the midst of this commotion, Valeria meets Mateo Santos, son of the executor of the estate, and falls in love with his nobility and passion for life. Valeria will need to find the strength to reinvent herself far from the shadow of Leonel and thus give herself the opportunity to live a sincere love with Mateo.


Do you remember me?  is the title of the new thing from Televisa.
Do you remember me? is the title of the new thing from Televisa. / Photo: Univision

Starring Gabriel Soto, ‘Do you remember me’, premieres in February, the month of love. Produced by Carmen Armendariz (‘The Usurper’), the story is inspired by a Turkish novel full of intrigue, romance, and deception. After he is forced to marry Olmo’s daughter, Pedro falls in love with Vera while on a business trip. He is ready to give up everything for his new love, but must abandon his plans when Olmo, his boss and mentor, threatens her life. Pedro separates from his great love to save her, but years later, Pedro and Vera meet again under strange circumstances. Olmo, who is unaware of Vera’s past, has fallen in love with her and introduces her to his family as his new girlfriend. In the encounter, Pedro and Vera’s love is rekindled, thus revealing the dark past that unites them and unleashing a painful plan of revenge.

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-‘GUARDIANS 2021 ‘

semi-final match schedules
Chicote Claderón celebrates.

Of MX League Univision and TUDN come together to present this much-watched tournament starting on January 8.



Super Regions Challenge
Super Regions Challenge. Photo: Univision

From Colombia comes ‘Super Regions Challenge’, a reality show in which 10 teams fight to win up to a million dollars. Premieres January 4 at 8/7 PM Central. The presenters will be Andrea Serna and Daniela alvarez that will accompany 40 participants who will fight, from the most exotic beaches, to obtain money and exclusive prizes as they advance in the program. In each two-hour episode, participants will test their endurance and physical performance in great battles, in which the victors will enjoy the pleasures of paradise, and the defeated will have to try harder to continue in the competition.


Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda, return to the second season of 'Enamorándonos'.
Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda. Photo: Univision

After a short break, ‘Falling in love’, the program led by Ana Patricia Gamez and Rafael Araneda, which honors love, returns for a new season on Monday, January 18 at 8/7 PM Central.


One of the returns of 2021 will be the triple premieres that are a Telemundo label. And for them they begin with everything this coming January 26 with the new season of ‘Exatlón USA’, ‘La Suerte de Loli’ and ‘Looking for Frida’.


Telemundo's 'Exatlón' ends
‘Exatlón’ from Telemundo. Photo: Telemundo

Conducted by Frederik Oldenburg and having as a commentator Marisela ‘Chelly’ Cantú, on January 26 at 7/6 PM Central, begins a new season of ‘Exatlon’, one of the most watched reality shows. They are 24 athletes willing to give their all in a tough confrontation to win more than a million dollars in prizes. This season, the ‘Famous Team’ (red team), and the Contending Team (blue team), will be made up of a combination of new entrants who come in search of glory, along with some contestants who return for a second chance at take the title. The intense family reality show will feature surprising circuits that will put the physical and mental abilities of the participants to the test in the greatest challenge of their lives.

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'La Suerte de Loli', Telemundo's new romantic comedy.
‘La Suerte de Loli’, Telemundo’s new romantic comedy. Photo: Telemundo

Starring Silvia Navarro, beside Osvaldo benavides and Gaby espino, ‘The Luck of Loli’, premieres next January 26 at 9/8 PM Central. It tells the story of Loli Aguilar, an independent woman and successful executive producer, who works at Global Radio Group, the number one radio station on the West Coast of the United States. As Loli’s career rises, her love life takes a back seat as she enjoys her freedom and life without compromise. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Mariana, her best friend, passes away and leaves everything to Loli, including her two children. The news takes everyone by surprise and especially Loli, who feels that she is the least suitable person for this task. Loli will have to face her new reality and learn suddenly that work is not everything in life, and discover that the true meaning of success is family and love.


'Looking for Frida' is the new on Telemundo.
‘Looking for Frida’ is the new on Telemundo. Photo: Telemundo

‘Looking for Frida’, is headed by Eduardo Santamarina, Ximena Herrera, Arap bethke and the debut of Victoria White, who will play Frida, premieres on January 26 at 10/9 PM Central. This suspense production is an adaptation of the successful telenovela of the Telemundo network itself, ‘Where is Elisa?’… It tells of the perfect Pons family, and how their lives suddenly change when their daughter, Frida, mysteriously disappears the night of his father’s birthday party. During the investigation, lies, resentments and secrets will come to light, unmasking a family that is far from perfect, leaving the audience questioning every detail and everyone involved in this captivating story full of twists and turns.

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"Woman-fragranced coffee", soon on Telemundo.
“Café con Aroma de Mujer”, soon on Telemundo. / Photo: Telemundo

‘Woman-fragranced coffee’, the classic that fell in love with generations and generations, returns from the hand of William Levy, Laura Londoño and Carmen Villalobos placeholder image. Inspired by the original story of Fernando Gaitan, the novel that does not yet have a release date, recounts cAs every year, Gaviota and his mother come to Hacienda Casablanca to pick up the coffee from the second harvest of the year, but this October they hope that it will be the last, because from now on, they will own their own land. Without However, fate has other plans. Octavio Vallejo, the owner of the hacienda has just passed away. The same man whom Gaviota saved from kidnapping, the same man who promised her as a reward to give her one hectare of land so that she could grow her own coffee. Trying to get the Vallejo family to honor the agreement, Gaviota meets Sebastián, Octavio’s son, who lives abroad. An irrepressible attraction is born between them, a love of those who no longer see each other, heartbreaking, impossible, becoming two lovers who belong to different worlds, but who savor the same coffee.


Fernando Colunga arrives on Telemundo as 'Malverde, El Santo Patron'.
Fernando Colunga arrives on Telemundo as ‘Malverde, El Santo Patron’. / Photo: Telemundo

This production, which will be an original from Telemundo, brings back to Fernando Colunga, who will be the protagonist and will play ‘Malverde, the Patron Saint’. Tell the truth behind the legend. The series will have a lot of action and will be produced with a very current language, to tell the story of a boy born in 1870 in Sinaloa, who became a legendary figure, almost religious, defender of the people, protector of both the innocent and the poor and dispossessed, and in turn of drug traffickers and evil living.


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