What’s in the $1,000 iPhone repair kit?

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Apple has restored its image this week, announcing the official deployment of its program to repair its iPhone yourself and at the same time pleasing lawmakers. Then certainly the operation will require you a certain dexterity (we are talking here about millimetric details) and time (the pages of the manual are counted in dozens), but the initiative is particularly commendable for ecological and economic reasons.

The only downside: the solution is no less… expensive. Indeed, to take advantage of spare parts and dedicated tools, you will have to pay a certain sum which risks diverting more than one to their local technician, the prices being of the same order. In particular, it is requested $49 -that is less than fifty euros at the most recent exchange rate- for a kit of essential equipment to be returned to the manufacturer, the price of which is added to that of the components you wish to change.

Limited rental

Consisting of two small black suitcases on wheels, the kit must then be dropped off at UPS within seven days. But this is not its only drawback, since no less than 1000 euro deposit approximately when ordering. You can try to buy each tool separately, the result will be about the same.

iphone repair kit

© Self Service Repair Store

This sum is apparently not taken directly, but the subcontractor of Apple in charge of the new site Self Service Repair Store will verify that it is available on the account associated with your bank card. If you have already rented a self-service bike or booked a hotel room, the system is similar.

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Play it MacGyver

Apple’s repair kit is compatible with these iPhone models at the moment:

Inside each box, there is a battery press as well as a screen press, these two being the most problematic. For comparison, without AppleCare+ and asking a Genius Bar professional, it would otherwise cost 311.10 euros or 75 euros with an iPhone 13 to repair them individually.

Finally, the kit also contains a repair tray, a support frame, torque drivers of different colors, protective covers, a nylon probe, a heated screen pocket and other very specific objects which we tell you spare the name. The full list is available right herebut beware: it is written in English only to date.

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