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Apple Watch Series 7

For the past few hours, watchOS 8.1.1 has been available for everyone. This version follows watchOS 8.1 and its batch of new features, but does not add much new to it. Indeed, according to Apple it is mainly a question of solving a problem of loading encountered on the Series 7, that is to say the last model presented last September with few improvements compared to the preceding one.

The manufacturer specifies that the update is available for devices equipped with a 4G chip, and that security issues have been resolved at the same time. However, we do not know what possible flaws these are; this information is not always communicated.

This is a final version, so in theory you can download it to your Watch without fear of potential incidents. It is even recommended to keep up to date to avoid being more vulnerable to hackers.

How do I install watchOS 8.1.1?

How to download watchOS 8.1.1 on your device is described here in our tutorial, and has not changed since last year.

To go further, know that iPhone has also been entitled to iOS 15.2 (beta 3) for a few days, while others can install iOS 15.1.1 to remedy certain bugs.

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