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Available for iPhone and recently for Android, the Clubhouse application is on the rise. Based on voice chats, the new social network originally only allowed the registration of members who had received invitations; which made the app even more exclusive in its early days and spurred its growth. But what exactly is Clubhouse App? How to subscribe to the audio social network and why can it be interesting for your business? In this article, we invite you to find out everything about this growing social network.

What does the Clubhouse social network consist of?

clubhouse app
Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a mobile application that allows you to create voice rooms where you can organize seminars, conferences or virtual chats between different participants.

This social network was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Launched in 2020 only for the iOS operating system, it was then rolled out in April 2021 on the android mobile system.

As the application itself says in its Play Store description, Clubhouse is “A more human place on the internet, where people come together for good conversations”.

In these audio chat rooms, there are moderators, speakers and listeners, with which we can limit ourselves to listening or interact only by voice, without using video, text or images.

In addition, when it was launched, clubhouse used the same strategy as Gmail at its inception (or even Ello, the social network which had wanted to bury Facebook in 2014), that of entering via an invitation link.

Not being able to join just by downloading the app, and having big names in the entertainment and business worlds there, made many people want to join.

Thus, in February 2021, Clubhouse had already surpassed 8 million total users. And unlike Instagram, Facebook or other apps, Clubhouse doesn’t offer the ability to share media content on other platforms.

Clubhouse, how does it work?

clubhouse app overview
Clubhouse app overview

Clubhouse App works like discussion groups, with various themes and can be filtered according to user preferences:

  • There are open contentsthat is, you can hear what an influential person is saying and speak to them directly.
  • There are also private exchange groups, allowing the user to interact only with friends.

Unlike other social networks or other platforms, on Clubhouse it is not possible to record or save conversations. Everything that happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse.

In addition, when you enter the application, you choose a domain and inform the social network of your preferences in order to personalize your experience and the audio conference suggestions.

The user can interact in two ways:

  • “Listener”: one who listens.
  • “Speaker”: the one who speaks.

When entering a group as a listener and wanting to speak, you have to ask the permission of the moderator, which works like in Zoom, by pressing the “Raise your hand” button.

There is also the function “Clubs” which consists of bringing together people with common interests. But the functionality is quite limited, as each user can only create one club.

Who can use ClubHouse?

Everyone now (it wasn’t the case at the beginning).

In its early days, the app was very exclusive. If you wanted to enter, you had to be invited by someone who was already active.

Thanks to this, thousands of people have been on the waiting list to enter this social network, until there are more places available or a user invites them.

The chats are always conducted live, and the clubs have “speakers”, users who can speak during the conference, and “listeners”, who are the listeners of the conversation. As the user used the app and participated in trading fairs, they gained more invitations and then expanded their network.

Why is Clubhouse called that?

The name ” Clubhouse Is not trivial. The idea is to create exclusivity and generate an atmosphere of a private, selective and exclusive circle. Not everyone could access the app initially.

You can follow the shows or the people that interest you, whether they are your friends or influencers. Also, you can create your own private or public club.

How to register and open an account on the clubhouse app on iPhone or Android?

The fact that club house is available for iOS and Android means that all devices with those operating systems can download it.

To download the app, just go to the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iPhone and download it like the rest of the apps.

As soon as you have installed the application, it invites you to register and connect. The key element for this is the phone number: Clubhouse uses this number as the account identifier.

Next, a username is required: this is chosen after you log in for the first time. When you enter android club house, you will have to create a profile with a biography without limit of characters in which you can describe yourself in the best way, as a means of presentation to the people who can see your profile.

choice subjects clubhouse app

On top of that you have to choose five topics of interest from which audio lounges will be recommended to you. If you don’t select them at the start, you can always change them from your account options.

What sectors to make the most of it?

clubhouse logo
clubhouse social network

Certainly, it is still too early to make predictions and confirm in which sectors the use of this social network could be very interesting.

However, in addition to influencers and celebrities, who already have their spaces and followers, we could soon see some brands, especially those targeting B2B audiences (companies).

Indeed, given the relevance of the speakers and influencers on the platform, the collaboration with B2B influencers could represent a channel for companies wishing to land on Clubhouse.

Because this new social network could represent a precious opportunity for brands to spontaneously create a community loyal to their company, and thus develop collaborations with partners and influencers. The availability of this social network on Android and iOS offers an almost limitless potential audience.

Here are some areas that could benefit a lot from using this audio social app:

  • Technology : by sharing opinions and critiques from experts in the technology sector.
  • Digital Marketing : it will be another excellent channel to stay up to date, listen to influential people in the sector, exchange experiences and acquire new knowledge around social networks, inbound marketing, online sales techniques, etc.
  • Politics : the social network is very suitable for exchanges on political subjects.

Caroline Mignaux, Clubhouse expert, 3 tips for success on this “audio only” social network

caroline mignaux clubhouse
Caroline Mignaux, Clubhouse expert

Caroline Mignaux, Clubhouse expert, gives us some very interesting tips on her site secret-ch.com, here is an extract from 3 which concern the algorithm of the social network.

1- Collaborate!

Guests bring guests, the more you monopolize your internship, the less quickly you will create a network and community on Clubhouse.

2- Think SEO, even on Clubhouse

SEO is the sinews of war also on Clubhouse.

The more keywords your bio contains that Clubhouse users search for, the higher your search results will be. The order of appearance of the keywords and the recurrence of use is one of the keys to natural referencing on the Clubhouse application.

3- Be constant and fast

Velocity comes first. The faster you get volume, the faster your number of followers will increase as well.

PS: if you want to learn more about Clubhouse, do not hesitate to consult her site, she shares great tips for succeeding on this application which remains to this day not yet very well known in the galaxy of social networks.

What future for Clubhouse?

The magic of Clubhouse lies in the fact that the platform offers a discussion space open to all to share their ideas, their knowledge, their experiences, …

Finding people with the same interests as you and even finding friends to talk to through Club house or outside the app is really easy.

The app is designed for one or more people to chat while others listen to their conversation. Digital marketing, economics, politics or journalism are some of the sectors that are currently benefiting the most.

Nevertheless, Clubhouse still has a long way to go. We can’t wait to see how the app will evolve over time.

Clubhouse influencers could soon become as important (and sought after) for brands as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram or even Linkedin influencers!

Have you already tried Clubhouse? Do you have an opinion to share? Share it in the comments;).

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