When could Real Madrid be league champion and what would it need?

When could Real Madrid be league champion and what would it need?

The virtual is not mathematical. And although Real Madrid begins to adorn itself in a champion suit, it is not yet. The most likely scenarios for him to sing the alirón are at home against the Spanish (for this, Barça would have to stumble, at least, in one of their next two games) or in the Wanda Metropolitan (If Barça wins everything, Madrid would need to score points against Espanyol to have this possibility). AS radiographs and calculates when it could be, Madrid, champion of its 35th League.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Champion this Sunday without playing

There is a possibility, although it is remote. For it, Barcelona would have to stumble both in San Sebastián and on this day, at home against Rayo (match postponed). The combination, added to Atleti’s recent puncture against Granada (0-0), would force Barça to beat the Vallecanos to delay the white wing. It should be noted that after the victory in El Sadar, Atleti and Sevilla, mathematically, can no longer be champions.

game this sunday

Matchday 21 (postponed) Barcelona – Vallecano Ray 9:00 p.m.

Champion against Espanyol

Translation: Atleti corridor in the derby. It is one of the options that most excites Real Madrid, due to morbidity, although the rojiblanca reaction would be unknown (if they would make a corridor or not; Madrid refused to do it to Barcelona several seasons ago as a protest because they had not been done after the Club World Cup, for example). It must be made clear, before any calculation, that Barcelona has won the golaverage to Real Madridso no tie on points would be worth the whites, mathematically, to sing the alirón.

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Having said that, if Barcelona punctures one more game (Real Sociedad or Rayo), Ancelotti’s men will go to this event knowing that with a victory they would be champions. Nevertheless, if Xavi’s men win everything until this date (Real Sociedad and Rayo), they would ruin the party, Well, Madrid should wait until Sunday, the next day, and wait for a culé stumble against Mallorca. Namely, there could be a wing that day, but not that dayalthough the distance could remain at 12 points with 12 to play for and, without a doubt, there would already be signs of a party.

Day 34 matches

Saturday 30 real Madrid – Spanish 4:15 p.m.
Saturday 30 athletic- Athletic 9:00 p.m.
Sunday 1 Barcelona – Majorca 9:00 p.m.

Champion in the Metropolitan

AS announced a few weeks ago that this assumption could occur. And the train, for the moment, is still on the firm rails towards it. If we have come this far it is because the Barcelona he has won everything (San Sebastián, Rayo and Mallorca), so the equation is simple, the whites would need to score at least against Espanyol to play for the title in the red and white den. They would have to arrive at this meeting with a difference of 10, 11 or 12 points with their immediate pursuer. If they arrive with more they would already be champions and if they arrive with less, they could not be.

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The derby, which is never just another game, this time it would be even less so. Because although the options of the Athletic to be champion whether they are null, Preventing the eternal rival from raising a new League title in your field would become a mandatory mission. And for the madridistas, obviously, the opposite: it would be the opportunity to win not only another title, but also a historical photo. Perhaps revenge for Koke, who planted a red and white flag in the center of the Bernabéu after winning the Copa del Rey.

Day 35 matches

May 7-8 Atletico – Real Madrid
May 7-8 Betis- Barcelona

Champion against Levante

To reach this scenario, several white stumbles would have had to happen. Because Real Madrid, beating Espanyol and Atlético, would already be champions, no matter what their rivals do. But if Ancelotti’s men have punctured and seen their distance reduced to 7, 8 or 9 points, this is where they would play for the title. In case of arriving with an advantage of 9 points, it would be worth a draw, but if it were 7 or 8, they would need to win (in all these cases it is assumed that the second would also win; that is, the ‘worst ‘ of the assumptions). Doing so, they would sing the alirón.

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Day 36 matches

May 10-11-12 real Madrid – I raised
May 10-11-12 Barcelona – Celtic

Champion in Cadiz

If he Madrid arrives at this stage, it is because he has embarked on a worrying streak of punctures and his pursuers, like the other side of the coin, circulate thrown. He would be talking about a spectacular streak behind and a despeño of the leader, who could reach this day without being so in a remote case: if he lost everything and Barcelona won everything. Ancelotti’s men would play the alirón here if they arrived with an income 4, 5 or 6 pointsthe situation being identical to that mentioned above.

Day 37 matches

May 14-15 Cadiz – real Madrid
May 14-15 Getafe – Barcelona

Champion against Betis

In the section of unlikely options, this is the most, but it could happen. The Madridon paper, should reach the last day with nothing at stake, but if the Barcelona managed to reduce their difference by 3 points or less, everything would be decided in a reissue of ‘the League of the burning nail’won by Capello after an agonizing day 38.

The accounts would be simplified to the maximum: whoever was ahead would depend on himself and the one behind would need to win and wait for a puncture.

Day 38 matches

May 21-22 real Madrid – Betis
May 21-22 Barcelona – Villarreal


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