When ProRAW comes under the scrutiny of photography experts

iPhone 12 Pro photo

Apple has, over the past month, developed a brand new photo system that gives photographers more possibilities without reducing the software functionality of the iPhone camera: the ProRAW.

Ben Sandofsky, one of the developers of the Halide application, one of the best in terms of photography that is available, looked at the new capabilities of ProRAW, announced with great fanfare by Apple during the presentation of the iPhone 12 and which appeared in a dedicated iOS update a little less than a month ago.

Make RAW more popular

For the developer, this new option given to photographers by Apple aims to make RAW a more common file format in the world of photography. More complete, but also heavier than the JPEG, the RAW allows a better saving of the information of a photograph.

Sandofsky explains that Apple has worked with Adobe to deliver this new level of photo quality. The idea was to use the power of RAW, without, as it could be the case before, setting aside the software technologies of the iPhone’s camera. In detail, RAW normally does not effect any modification on the photo, so that the photographer can make the retouching that he deems necessary.

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Integrate RAW without forgetting the rest

But this new ProRAW proposed by Apple is very different on this point. Indeed, Apple did not want to lose the advantage it had acquired regarding its software processing of each image. The ProRAW thus retains functions such as HDR, Deep Fusion or even depth detection by Apple. More broadly, all image modification technologies are still relevant with the ProRAW.

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But Apple’s ProRAW, as Ben Sandofsky points out, also has some weak points. Indeed, it does not work in burst mode, and photos in ProRAW are not taken into account on all social networks and therefore cannot be shared without a loss of image quality. Other concerns, if Apple’s ProRAW as a whole is a success, it is not yet up to the standard RAW in terms of noise reduction and sharpness in particular.

When ProRAW comes under the scrutiny of photography experts

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