When Tim Cook offered the first 2019 Mac Pro to … Trump

Tim Cook

It is a gift on which Apple had chosen not to communicate but which we have just learned of the existence through an investigation of the New York Times. Tim Cook gave Donald Trump the first 2019 Mac Pro made in the US for $ 5,999. The journalist did not manage to know the exact date of this gift but it could have happened shortly after the visit of the former president to the Texan factory of the Cupertino company at the end of 2019.

Without sharing the same values, Donald Trump and Tim Cook had to cooperate

At that time, the Republican had also declared: ” The good part is that Cook doesn’t have to worry about tariffs (set up as part of the trade war with China Editor’s note), because when you build in the United States, you don’t have to to worry about tariffs. It kind of helps people make the decision to produce on location. “.

Subsequently, Tim Cook thanked the government for helping Apple to produce this “made in USA” computer. As we have seen during Donald Trump’s tenure, the two men, who nevertheless have radically different opinions on many subjects such as environmental and societal issues, were brought to cooperate.

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This was particularly the case when last April, the Republican leader asked Tim Cook to join a working group aimed at preparing for deconfinement and the country’s economic rebound. The CEO of the Apple brand was therefore brought to work on these subjects with other business leaders, trade unionists and members of think tanks.

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