When will the wireless Mac charger come in?

When will the wireless Mac charger come in?

In 2021, wireless charging is now the norm for most high-end mobile or wearable manufacturers. Although it is still often necessary to pay the price and that the adapted accessories are not always delivered with, this technology has many benefits. In fact, it eliminates the need for cables – although the true wireless is still light years away for some brands. The result is easier use: no more tangles and other inconveniences caused by installation.

So why not on a computer too? There are already offices that can charge Macs in this way, which also prevents losing your MagSafe block in the house.


One major problem, however, risks spoiling the party: such devices are still far too imposing. No more nomadic habits, which make it difficult to imagine the practicality of a support similar to the imposing office fans in public transport. In addition, even the patents which evoke such a system continue to this day not to offer innovation on the miniaturization side.

AirPower Apple

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Also, it should not be forgotten, Apple is famous for the very high pricing charged on most devices. If the EarPods headphones perhaps stand out, we could see a cloth to clean its screen more expensive than this pair or a Thunderbolt cable at 149 euros …

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Already offered on several ranges

Despite everything, we know that Apple has had no problem keeping up with the competition by offering iPhones with a glass back and Qi compatible. Induction charging is also marketed with the MagSafe charger released for the iPhone 12, which can also transfer power to the most recent AirPods.

The Apple Watch, too, provide in their box a tool of this type sold at 35 euros per unit, or about 8% of the price to pay to afford a Series 7 in 41 mm. With a 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro starting at $ 1,449, do the math: not sure the public does without the traditional AC adapter if they have to pay such an amount.

MagSafe external batteryMagSafe external battery

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Some clues …

But this does not mean that the arrival of wireless charging on Mac is impossible. Dell, for example, has commissioned several of its engineers to develop this advantage for their own PCs. Everything is designed in collaboration with WiTricity, which has gone so far as to imagine a similar solution for … car batteries. The question of the template is therefore perhaps not one, in the end.

Add to this that patents are already proposing to integrate reverse charging on Macs, and everything suggests that it is only a matter of years before they can power them themselves in a similar fashion. As a reminder, reverse charging consists of taking advantage of the energy present in the computer to transfer it to another device, for example by placing AirPods on the left or right of the trackpad. Samsung phones already know how to do the same.

iMac conceptiMac concept

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Finally, let’s also mention the case of iPads which themselves should soon be compatible with wireless charging. Another document filed by Apple with the USPTO (American body responsible for protecting companies’ inventions against plagiarism) proves this in black and white. He thus evokes the case of a shell for what looks like an iPad Pro, and which should again be sold separately.

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Mark Gurman, Analyst at Bloomberg, is aiming for a release by next year. And you ?

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