LifeStyle Relationships Where did the famous nickname JLo come from?

Where did the famous nickname JLo come from?


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Note that the singer does not like to be called by her nickname, “the diva from the Bronx” prefers to be called by her name: Jennifer …

From the beginning of his career, Jennifer López has been known as JLo or the Bronx diva, a title she has proudly worn in honor of the New York neighborhood where she grew up and where she used to make a living teaching dance classes to young children – including actress Kerry Washington – before styling herself. a reputation as a dancer, and, later, as a singer and actress.

The nickname with the initials of his name and surname ended up being the title of his second album and, from there, it began to be used to refer to it both within and outside the industry.

The popular belief, which Jennifer had never tried to correct until now, was that it was her fans who were responsible for inventing that diminutive, but the story is somewhat more complicated.

Its origins go back to the years when it had a sentimental relationship with Puff Diddy. Back then, the two performers often collaborated in the recording studio and rapper Heavy D, who accompanied them in those sessions, began to affectionately call her Jenny Lo.

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I used to come to the studio when I was working on my first album, and she always called me Jenny Lo. Back then I was dating Puffy, so for the rest of us we were Puffy and Jennifer Lo, or Jenny Lo, and so I started to appear in the songs, because they mentioned us in the music of others“, Explained the star in the last episode of the ‘World of Dance’ contest.



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