Where does Kimberly Loaiza live?

Where does Kimberly Loaiza live?

Kimberly Loaiza has been working on the Internet for years and thanks to her constant work with her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, she has achieved fame and a lot of money, enough to acquire several properties.

The influencer originally from Mexicali currently lives in the United States with her family (her husband and the two children they had). The family resides in a luxurious mansion in Orlando (where she has moved, it is not known if definitively).

According to the Soy Nomada News site, the huge house is owned by both celebrities (one of the most recent acquisitions) and has nine rooms, huge open spaces and even a movie theater.

This is one of the many houses that Loaiza has and one of the many in which she also lived. The artist began living alone for a while in Tijuana, in an apartment located in a residential area; she there she began to make the first videos of her on YouTube. Later, when she met Pantoja she moved to Mazatl√°n and there she lived in a luxurious mansion with access to a lagoon next to Kenia Os.

Acapulco and Mexico City were other big cities where the artist lived for a time. She also owns a house in California. This is not unknown to her fandom, since she herself has been in charge of showing it.

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