Apple iPad where to buy it at the best price?

where to buy it at the best price?


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The 4th generation iPad Air was unveiled at the Keynote in September 2020, along with the new 8th generation iPad and the new Apple Watch Series 6. It has the distinction of standing out from the previous generation at design level, by taking the lines of the new iPad Pro with a more edge-to-edge screen, in addition to the disappearance of Touch ID on the front panel. The latter is indeed found on the ignition button of the tablet, on the edge, therefore.

In addition, it comes equipped with the latest generation A14 Bionic in-house chip, which is said to provide a significant performance boost over the previous generation CPU seen on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

All of this makes the iPad Air of 2020 a excellent compromise between the Pro models and the basic entry-level iPad. So here is our complete guide to buy the iPad Air 4 at its best, while avoiding extended delivery times due to possible out-of-stock.

iPad Air 4 at the best price
Base price: 669 €

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He has everything of a Pro, or almost

As seen in the introduction, the iPad Air 4 has some nice features that in many ways brings it closer to Apple’s iPad Pro. In particular, it has a Smart Connector, to connect it for example a Smart Keyboard, but also a USB-c port. Indeed, like the Jack port, the Lightning socket is not present on this tablet. Bluetooth is obviously there, just like Touch ID. Compatible with Apple Pencil, it doesn’t lack much. Obviously, it does not have the Face ID of the iPad Pro, nor the LiDAR sensor, but it will do more than well in many situations for the majority of users who do not have specific professional needs, drawing, graphics. or video editing for example.

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iPad Air 4 at the best price
Base price: 669 €

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How to get your 4th generation iPad Air?

It is possible to buy your iPad Air 4 from various partner resellers. The majority of them deliver in a few days a day. But beware, who says new iPad on the market potentially says out of stock depending on the finish and the storage capacity chosen. This is why it is always interesting to compare different online merchants and the delivery times announced for different finishes and different storage capacities.

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Note that by going through these same merchants, you will also benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty. In the end, the major advantage of doing so is to choose a different path than the one that many buyers will take: the Apple Online Store.

iPad Air 4 at the best price
Base price: 669 €

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What models, what capacities and at what prices?

The iPad Air 2020 is available in different finishes, it’s up to you to choose between Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Green and Sky Blue. For storage, the decision will be simpler, only two proposals are required: 64 GB or 256 GB.

Tariff side, count € 669 for the 64 GB version, € 839 for the 256 GB version, all this for the Wi-Fi models. If you also want to be able to enjoy cellular connectivity thanks to an eSIM card, then you must choose a Wi-Fi + Cellular model. In this case, it is € 140 more to add to the bill: € 809 the iPad Air 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular in 64 GB and € 979 the iPad Air 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular in 256 GB.

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iPad Air 4 at the best price
Base price: 669 €

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Impatient? Here are other solutions

If at all the merchants indicated, you do not find your happiness in terms of finish and storage capacity for the iPad Air 4, you can always try the Apple Store online, or last solution, there is still the possibility of go to a physical store.

Who among you bought the 4th generation iPad Air?

iPad Air 4 at the best price
Base price: 669 €

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