Where to buy Montessori materials?

Where to buy Montessori materials?

That’s it, you have chosen the Montessori pedagogy for the education and instruction of your child. Now is the time to invest and equip yourself. But where to buy montessori materials exactly ? Is it better to turn to the top of the range or do the big classic brands do the trick? The opportunity, is it really that interesting? And making it yourself, would that be the key to saving money? These questions can make you dizzy as there are so many Montessori material offers. Get out of the jungle and follow the guide to find out where and at what price to buy Montessori materials.

Buy cheap Montessori materials

Where to buy Montessori materials?

Buy Montessori materials from specialized sellers

If you want to be guaranteed to have quality Montessori material that complies in all respects with Maria Montessori’s recommendations, two options are available to you. You can invest in manufacturers approved by the AMI or purchase materials at retail and assemble the workshops yourself.

Manufacturers approved by the AMI: a safe bet but expensive

If you want to save time and you have the budget for it, the easiest way is to turn to manufacturers approved by the International Montessori Association (FRIEND). There are only three:


It is the oldest of the 3 manufacturers. The founder, Albert Nienhuis, collaborated with Maria Montessori in the 1920s to develop and supply materials to Montessori schools. The Dutchman Nienhuis, like the other approved manufacturers, thus offers the assurance of a Montessori material in line with the original pedagogy.

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The Italian also worked with Maria Montessori. In 1925, the company collaborated with her to manufacture furniture. The aim was for the Montessori environments to be equipped with quality furniture, adapted to the size of the children and to give the feeling of being at home rather than in a didactic space. For several years now, Gonzagarredi has also been manufacturing Montessori materials approved by the AMI.


Matsumoto is the most recent to be recognized by the AMI. The Japanese is approved as Montessori material maker since 2006. Its products are less easily found in France, unlike the first two, since it is intended more for the Asian market.

Buy materials at retail to make your Montessori activities

The budget for complete equipment from one of the manufacturers mentioned above is very high. Count approximately 20,000 €, which is substantial. To limit costs, you can also make some of the Montessori workshops yourself. Obviously, it will take longer, but you will make significant savings.

Take for example the mathematical workshops requiring beads. It is possible to order retail on many specialized Montessori sites. Equipped with copper wire and pliers, you can make the material of the bank, the bill snake, etc. Regarding wooden equipment, some online stores offer kits with Montessori materials to assemble and paint yourself.

Buy cheap Montessori materialsBuy cheap Montessori materials

Buy Montessori material in major cultural stores

Attracted by the enthusiasm of parents for Montessori, the big brands have started to offer dedicated equipment in turn. Be careful, because too often the materials sold in have nothing to do with the original pedagogy.

Beware of Montessori stamped material in major cultural stores

As the name is not protected, many brands use Montessori as a marketing argument by taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of neophytes in this area. We can never repeat it enough: beware of Montessori stamped material sold in supermarkets and major cultural brands.

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If you can indeed find some collections that want to be close to Montessori pedagogy, you must however pay particular attention to the materials and dimensions used.

Remember that, overall, the more plastic there is and mentions as a Montessori “game”, the less likely it is that it corresponds to Italian pedagogy.

Seek advice from a salesperson

To make sure you avoid falling under the influence of “Montessori marketing”, seek advice from a salesperson on the aisle. Do not hesitate to ask specific questions before buying. If in doubt, if you find that no one in the store can explain the pedagogy, it is better to move on.

Betting on second-hand Montessori workshops

If you are looking to buy cheap Montessori material, in addition to sites that offer low-cost material, it may be much more appropriate to turn to second-hand.

Find used Montessori workshops in Facebook groups

If you are a fan of social networks, the easiest way to start is to look for material in Facebook groups dedicated to the sale of used Montessori materials. Nevertheless, to do good business, be careful that the groups in question are really dedicated to Montessori. If they also accept toys and all kinds of learning aids, you may get lost in them or come across imitations.

Subscribe to Instagram accounts of families practicing Montessori pedagogy

For find used Montessori materials without being cheated, go to Instagram and subscribe to accounts of families practicing Montessori pedagogy. There are many passionate parents who give explanations on the interest of the equipment they use. You will be able to follow them in their daily life, in family instruction for some, and especially to benefit from the sale of equipment. Indeed, when children grow up, the equipment sometimes becomes useless to them.

Check out second-hand stores

If you want to bet on used Montessori materials without going through social networks, the best is still to seek your happiness on the platforms of sale between individuals. Vinted and Leboncoin can be real gold mines in particular. However, these sites do not guarantee the origin of the products. Do not hesitate to contact the seller directly to request more photos, see the brand stamped on the product and possibly obtain the purchase invoice. This will save you from disappointment once the material has been received.

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Buy at a garage sale and in an associative store

Buy small items and crockery at the garage sale

If you start Montessori with a child under 6 years old, know that a whole part of the pedagogy for this age can be exercised with salvage material. Garage sales are perfect for finding everything related to practical life and certain sensory activities. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what is interesting to antiquing at garage sale : small-format crockery, wooden trays, cleaning equipment (children’s broom, apron, etc.), small furniture (shelves, low furniture, children’s chairs and desks), small objects such as Playmobil accessories for language workshops or picture books.

Find furniture in an associative store to furnish your Montessori space

If the garage sales are full of treasures, they are only accessible for the most part from April to September and there are generally none in winter. Then think of the associative stores of the Emmaüs type, as well as the recycling centers. The principle is simple: individuals give, these shops sometimes carry out repairs and sell at reasonable prices. Sometimes it is even prices can be negotiated.

Sort it out at home and ask your loved ones

Finally, sort it out at home and ask your loved ones. Without knowing it, you may have a friend of a friend who may want to get rid of old wooden objects or games and even children’s furniture that would be perfect for a Montessori atmosphere. Word of mouth remains a powerful ally for your search for Montessori materials.

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