Where to buy the iPad (9th generation) at the best price: comparison

Where to buy the iPad (9th generation) at the best price: comparison

Where to buy the cheap ninth generation iPad? This is THE question everyone has been asking since the device was presented by Apple in September 2021. With a technical sheet relatively close to that of the model announced about a year earlier, it is logical that the manufacturer has chosen to offer a reduced price for his new iPad. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how and why the brand got there, after months of development in complete secrecy – or almost, let’s not forget the leaks.

iPad 9: really cheap!

Although larger than the sixth generation iPad mini, the so-called “classic” iPad has a more advantageous price.

The ninth generation iPad is thus found at € 389.00 in France for its best price.

Advantages of the iPad 2021

  • 1️⃣ Clearly the best price for all iPads
  • 2️⃣ Compatibility with iOS and macOS
  • 3️⃣ Touch ID

To find the iPad 9 at the best price, there is a relatively simple trick. This consists of looking for where to buy its version equipped with the minimum of internal storage. Indeed, there are currently two options: the ninth generation iPad with 64 GB of storage, and the one with 256 GB of storage. As you can see, the prices of the two models are not priced the same:

The iPad 9 is available at the best price at several flagship stores in France. Here is our enlightened selection of the most efficient in terms of delivery time and overall quality of service.

Where to buy the ninth generation iPad?


Among the stores offering the ninth generation iPad at the best price, CDiscount is one of those offering the most aggressive prices. The brand offers several variations of the iPad 9 on its shelves, including four colorways space gray, mauve, pink and starlight. It even happens that considerable promotions are put in place, to find in our comparison table at the end of this guide.

iPad 9th generation © Apple

Where to buy the iPad 2021 at CDiscount: CDiscount is an online store only. There is therefore no physical establishment, and the company’s stocks are not accessible IRL.

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If it is quite rare to see the FNAC offer the best price on the iPad 9, the brand has the advantage of listing all its technical characteristics very clearly. This is not always the case with all of its competitors. Unlike the CDiscount seller, FNAC, on the other hand, has physical stores. But to find where to buy your 2021 iPad, it’s best to look to the company’s website. Indeed, it offers a withdrawal in store or a home delivery, which is much more practical.

iPad 9 cheap

Cheap iPad 9 © Apple

At FNAC as elsewhere, the ninth generation iPad has a Retina screen. But by buying it from a reseller of this type, you can also opt for a screen protector that will guarantee you better security against scratches. The FNAC sometimes offers more advantageous bundles in terms of price, with the Apple Pencil or other accessories such as a silicone case.


For Darty, we will be brief: the store is similar to FNAC because the two merged recently. You will therefore generally find the same best price with one as with the other. As for where to buy the iPad (9th generation), it is also via the website, the price of which is available in our comparison below. Note that delivery times are sometimes different, which is always good to know before ordering an iPad 9 to avoid disappointment with the late package.

iPad ninth generation

Ninth generation iPad © Apple


Before moving on to the last candidate on this list, let’s talk about Boulanger. Sometimes responsible for the best price for the ninth-generation iPad, this store is also quite famous when it comes to meeting deadlines. What’s more, Apple trusts it to list many of its consumer devices including very useful iPad 9 accessories: chargers, cases, styluses …

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To find out where to buy the 2021 iPad with Boulanger, refer to the detailed comparison below.

iPad 9 64 GB at the best price Base price: 389 €

Our opinion on the Apple Store

Where to buy the 2021 iPad at the best price in 2021? For us, the final answer is without hesitation that of the Apple Store. Indeed, it is on this official site that the firm at the apple references not only its ninth generation iPad but also all the add-ons that go with it and which quickly become essential as soon as it is your daily ally. The Smart Folio cover for iPad 9, for example, is available in the following colors:

  • english lavender
  • intense navy
  • electric orange
  • cyprus green
  • surf blue
  • bench
  • english green
  • citrus rose
  • black
iPad 9 best price

iPad 9 © Apple

Good to know despite everything: it is highly unlikely that the best price for the iPad (9th generation) will be found on the Apple Store. Indeed, Apple is not the type to offer discounts on its tablets, whether it is the ninth generation iPad or other types of iPad like the iPad Air released a few months earlier.

The iPad 9 has a better used price

Where to buy the reconditioned iPad 9? This is a very interesting question as we can find the best price for the tablet on this side. In fact, refurbished iPads (9th generation) are simply old iPads from 2021 that have been used and returned to Apple by their buyers. Cupertino then takes care of upgrading them, refurbishing them, and reselling them cheaply! What more ?

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As we have just seen, the refurbished therefore also has a direct advantage which influences the best price of the iPad 9: it is a system which makes these tablets always less expensive than their new equivalents. On average, there is thus a price difference of 5 to 20% on the basic model.

iPad 2021 where to buy

iPad 2021 where to buy © Apple

Finally, the last positive point: refurbished is simply better for the planet! Indeed, Apple incorporates recycled materials in this way in its iPad 9. It is therefore no longer a question of continually producing new ones, which also affects the cost of the tablet. Apple also finds where to buy these components by turning to subcontractors or simply approved technicians who recover iPads from 2021 abandoned by their owner.

Where to buy a refurbished iPad 9: Refurbished iPads (9th generation) can be found at Amazon and Apple. However, we recommend that you only go to the Apple Store for security reasons.

A cheap assembly

If you can find where to buy the ninth generation iPad at the best price, it’s also because the new editions are ingeniously crafted. Indeed, the firm of Tim Cook manages to find its spare parts at the best price thanks to unparalleled service providers. For example, we can cite Foxconn for the assembly but also the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is responsible for designing the processor. For the screen, on the other hand, it will be Samsung and LG at the helm, but this information is not official and should therefore be considered with a grain of salt. In any case, don’t worry: the iPad 9 has a solid panel capable of displaying millions of colors at the same time.

iPad 9 64 GB at the best price Base price: 389 €

iPad 9

€ 389

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