Where to sleep in Gaspésie?

Where to sleep in Gaspésie?

During our 2 week road trip in Gaspésie, we stayed in 7 different accommodations. Hotels, motels, campsites or even apartments. In Gaspésie, you will find all kinds of accommodation and at all prices. But not all are created equal! For certain must-see places in Gaspésie such as Parc de la Gaspésie, Forillon National Park and Baie des Chaleurs, it is important to pay close attention to the location otherwise you will have to travel a lot to discover these places. Here are my tips for knowing where to sleep in Gaspésie.

As a reminder, our road trip itinerary in Gaspésie

For our first trip to Gaspé, we chose a classic route. A 3,000 km road trip with a stopover: Parc du Bic, Baie des Chaleur, Percé, Parc national Forillon, Parc de la Gaspésie and Parc du Lac Témiscouata. We chose to start with the South-East of the Gaspé Peninsula and then go up the coast. In this sense, we saved the most beautiful sites for the end of the trip. In addition, we were on the water side all the time. Magnificent !

For each of the stages of this trip to Gaspésie, we stayed close to the centers of interest. This is to make the most of it and to avoid having to travel too much. But to get the best locations, we had to anticipate and book our accommodations several weeks (or even months) in advance.

Where to sleep in Gaspésie?

Discover the Parc de la Gaspésie

A real favorite and a must-see in Gaspésie, Parc de la Gaspésie is the first place to book accommodation. Why ? Quite simply because the nearest town is 40 km away and the 4 campsites in the park are quickly full.

Camp inside the Park

The Parc de la Gaspésie has 4 campsites (Mont-Albert, Rivière, Cascapedia and Mont Jacques-Cartier). The Mont-Albert and La Rivière campsites are the most central for exploring the park. However, be aware that each of the campsites is located close to major park attractions.

For our part, we opted for the Mont-Albert campsite which, in addition to its central location, has Ready to Camper (14 traditional and 6 Star). A Prêt-à-Camper can be either a large Hutopia tent (this is the “traditional” version starting at $ 94 per night / 4 people) or an equipped wooden chalet (“star” version starting at $ 109 night / 6 people). They are both equipped with a kitchen area with a fridge, a hob, kitchen utensils, a table and chairs for eating, a small heater, outdoor chairs and beds. All that’s missing is sheets and food for camping. This type of accommodation is practical for those who, like us, are not big fans of tent camping (whose site costs $ 31.10 per night) but who still want to sleep in the heart of nature.

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Please note, for the Parc de la Gaspésie, the Prêt à Camper must be reserved several months in advance because they are quickly full. In general, this is true for all national parks in Quebec.

If you want more comfort or if the campsites are full, your only option to sleep in the heart of Parc de la Gaspésie is the Gîte du Mont-Albert. A 4-star hotel with 60 rooms and 18 chalets, with a heated outdoor swimming pool, a bar and a gourmet restaurant. Comfort, an excellent location but plan a more substantial budget to stay at the Gîte du Mont-Albert.

Stay near the Parc de la Gaspésie

In Sainte-Anne-des-Monts

The nearest town, Parc national de la Gaspésie, is 40 km away. This is Sainte-Anne des Monts. A small town with a supermarket (ideal for shopping before going to explore the park), banks, restaurants and hotels. This is where the closest hotels / motels to the Park are located (around 30 minutes drive).

  • Auberge du Vieux Faubourg : in this modern and elegant establishment, located 30 minutes from the Parc de la Gaspésie, you will enjoy Queen bed rooms with balcony and sea view from $ 178 per night with free cancellation.
  • Auberge Seigneurie des Monts : you will stay in a former post office, located 20 minutes from the Parc de la Gaspésie, which combines the charm of the old and the freshness of modernity. Queen bed rooms starting at $ 145 per night with free cancellation.
  • Chalet of Château Lamontagne : brand new chalets, directly on the beach, with an incredible view of the sunset. Fully equipped and ideal for families. From $ 160 per night for 4 people.
In Cap-chat

If accommodation is full in Sainte-Anne des Monts, there is the option of Cap Chat 15 km south of Sainte-Anne des Monts. But you move further away from the park.

  • After our stay at the Parc, we spent one night at theMorning Dawn, . This is a 4 bedroom Bed & Breakfast. Room with private bathroom from $ 115 (homemade breakfast included).
  • And for families, take a look at Chalets Valmont. These are charming little colorful chalets, ideal for families, fully equipped with a view of the river. Starting at $ 87 per night.

As you will have understood, to sleep in the heart of Parc de la Gaspésie, you have to book well in advance.

To discover Forillon National Park

In Forillon National Park, it’s a bit the same as Gaspésie National Park: the park is home to several campsites with Prêt à Camper and the nearest town is 30 km away. Again, it is important to book well in advance.

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Mont Saint-Alban Parc de Forillon

Sleep inside the Park

Managed by Parks Canada, Forillon National Park has 3 campsites (Petit-Gaspé (South sector), Des-Rosiers (North sector), Cap-Bon-Ami (North sector)) and several wilderness camping areas on the Les Crêtes and Les Lacs trails.

The Petit-Gaspé and Des-Rosiers campsites have 15 oTENTik tents ($ 122.64 / night). Ready to Camp fully equipped with 3 beds, a table, 4 chairs, heating, a small fridge, crockery and utensils. You just have to bring your food, your sleeping bags and your pillows.

The Des-Rosiers campsite also has a micrOcube ($ 91.98 / night) and 5 Ôases ($ 122.64 / night). The micrOcube is a wooden “chalet” for 2 people with a panoramic window and a double mattress. As for the Oasis, it is a teardrop-shaped accommodation that can accommodate a couple or a family of 2 adults and 2 children. Inside, there is a bench convertible into a bed on the ground floor and a hammock mezzanine above. For tent camping, sites without electricity cost $ 26.06. Sites with electricity $ 30.05 and sites with water and electricity $ 33.01.

Remember to book your campsite in Forillon National Park several months in advance on the park’s official website: here.

Stay close to the park

The best option in my opinion is to stay in Cap des Rosiers. A village located 5 km from the northern entrance to the park which houses several motels, some with breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence. It is in this village where we stayed. Please note, in Cap des Rosiers, there is no supermarket. The closest is in Gaspé. However, there is a Canteen for quick meals (this is the closest restaurant to the park).

  • We have chosen to settle in Cap des Rosiers atHotel-Motel Le Pharillon. A perfect geographical location 5 minutes walk from the northern entrance to the park. Le Pharillon is a motel with 25 rooms, half of which have a sea view. The other rooms face the road but have a kitchenette. Starting at $ 90 per night.

Hotel-Motel Le Pharillon

  • Cabins on the Sea : Beachfront bungalow for 2 people from $ 115 per night with private bathroom, kitchenette, wifi and free parking. Located a few hundred meters on the same road as the Motel le Pharillon.
  • The Park Chalets : Ideal for families, these chalets can accommodate up to 6 people. With terrace, lake view, private bathroom, kitchen and wifi. Starting at $ 160 per night.

The other alternative is to stay in Gaspé, which is a 30-minute drive from Forillon National Park. Gaspé is the closest town to the park. Gas stations, banks, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels, you will find all the necessities in this small town.

Finally, several accommodations such as the Chalets du Parc Gaspé or this house overlooking the bay of Gaspé, are located between Gaspé and Forillon National Park.

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Our suggestions for accommodation in Percé

In Percé, there is no shortage of hotels, motels and campsites. With a view of the Rocher Perché, on Bonaventure Island, on the Saint Laurent River. Or in peace, there is something for all budgets.

pierced rock sunset

  • Is the Manoir Percé that we stayed during our 2 days in Percé. A hotel in the center of Percé with several rooms with a view of the Rock. The hotel is ideally located in Percé, everything is within walking distance. The hotel has 2 free parking lots.
  • Hotel-Motel Fleur de Lys : a perfect location along the beach, stunning views of the rock and very affordable rooms starting at $ 113 a night with free cancellation. What else do you want ?
  • Havre aux Baleines : a nice little studio in marine style, well equipped, set back from the city to enjoy the good life of the Gaspé. Starting at $ 61 per night.

Where to sleep in Gaspésie to explore the Baie des Chaleurs?

Stretching over 100 kilometers between the Ristigouche River in the West and Shigawake in the East, it is important to choose your location carefully to sleep in the Baie des Chaleurs. Carleton sur Mer, New Richmond and Paspébiac are the main tourist towns for exploring the Baie des Chaleurs.

Mont Saint-Joseph Carleton sur Mer

Sleep in Carleton sur Mer

Carleton sur Mer is a good choice of location to sleep in the Baie des Chaleurs. Indeed, it is close to the main tourist attractions of the region. And there are many restaurants in town.

  • Is the Motel l’Abri in Carleton sur Mer that we stayed during our stay in the Baie des Chaleurs. This is a 30-unit motel (some with a kitchenette) ideally located in Carleton sur Mer. Close to the beach, restaurants and Mont Saint-Joseph. Room starting at $ 120.
  • Migratory Birds Lodge : An unpretentious cottage in which we like to meet up after a beautiful day of discovery. Double room with shared bathroom, wifi and breakfast from $ 85 per night.

Stay in Paspébiac

As for Paspébiac, it is also a good solution for staying in the Baie des Chaleurs. This small village has a beautiful and long beach, a marina, a thalassotherapy center, restaurants and an outdoor center. Paspébiac is just 15 km from the Bonaventure River.

  • The unforgettable : a sublime chalet with an incredible view of the Chaleur Bay. A small fully equipped cocoon where the whole family can enjoy it. Starting at $ 128 per night.
  • The swell : a charming little townhouse on two floors, fully equipped and fitted out to offer you a comfortable stay with its magnificent views of Baie-des-Chaleurs. Starting at $ 51 per night.

And you, what are the favorite hotels of your trip to Gaspésie? Where did you sleep during your vacation in Gaspésie?

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