Where to watch the movie “I can’t do without you” by Maite Perroni?

Where to watch the movie "I can't do without you" by Maite Perroni?

Maite Perroni continues to be part of important audiovisual productions and the most recent is “Without You I Can’t”, a Spanish film that mixes drama and intrigue between two brothers.

Currently the safest way to watch this film is through the Paramount+ streaming platform, for which you must have a paid subscription. According to the information that exists, the cost is 79 Mexican pesos per month (almost 4 dollars).

The plot of this story revolves around a businessman named David, who has a fairly routine life with his boyfriend Álex. But the calm will be broken when Blanca, David’s sister, reappears in her life, awakening in her boyfriend the desire to have a child and for her to become the surrogate mother.

The truth is that the businessman does not want to relate to his sister and this will bring unforeseen conflicts for both of them.

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