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Clique interview Tim Cook

Mouloud Achour did. And we do not know by what miracle, as the interviews by French media of the CEO of Apple are rare. But he did indeed: offer the French public an exchange of more than 35 minutes with Tim Cook, in the premises of Apple Park. The interview took place during WWDC 2022, of which we covered the opening conference. You can also find the summary of it here.

Where to see this interview?

The interview is available in full on the Canal+ website and the Clique program and Clique X interviews section. Go here to access the video.

The key points of the exchange

Do we leave a better world than the one in which we found it? (Tim Cook)

Tim Cook had the opportunity to praise the merits of French developers for, on the one hand, their large number (more than 800,000 developers for Apple products counted in France), and on the other hand, the quality of their creations, citing in particular the apps Too Good To Go as an example, or Klassy and Quick My Dose!.

Mouloud Achour also brought Tim Cook on the subject of the film Coda, winner of an Oscar this year. It is a re-adaptation of the scenario of the French film The B&lier Family.

On more sensitive grounds, the boss returned to the importance of confidentiality for Apple, especially since the firm is increasingly involved in the field of health.

A technology is neither good nor bad, it is neutral, it is the inventor’s vision that will make it something good, or something bad. (Tim Cook)

Inevitably, the CEO talked about Apple’s commitment to the environment. But also of his choice, as the boss of a large tech company, to have communicated openly about his homosexuality.

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In short, Mouloud Achour leads his guest to talk about various topics.

We would have liked to see Tim Cook answer a little more pungent questions, in particular about the unionization of Apple Store employees in the United States, workplace harassment against women (at Apple) , the forced cessation of teleworking or even the ecological problem of AirPods.

And you on what subjects would you have liked to hear Tim Cook? And what did you think of the interview overall?

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