Which iPhone 13 to choose? Ultimate comparison for the holidays

quel iPhone 13 choisir différences

Which iPhone 13 to choose (in short)?

  • for the photo: iPhone 13 Pro
  • reduced budget: iPhone 13 mini
  • big screen: iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • for video: iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB)
  • second-hand: iPhone 13 mini (128 Go)

1 – iPhone 13: the best value for money

The iPhone 13, sold from 909 euros, is a good compromise if you want a large screen experience (6.1 inches) without having to invest “too much”. Obviously, you can find it cheaper with a subscription from some operators. Compatible 5G like its three acolytes, this mobile is satisfied with two cameras on the back with all the same a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle. It is powered by the same proprietary processor: an A15 Bionic chip.

which iPhone 13 to choose

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No difference with its other versions on the software and security side either. Indeed, the iPhone 13 runs natively under iOS 15 and has several advantages for confidentiality such as Face ID or the blocking of inter-application monitoring, not to mention its integrated VPN. End-to-end iMessage encryption is also welcome if you’re wondering which iPhone 13 to choose when it comes to privacy.

A quick comparison with other iPhone 13s will also tell us that the classic model offers 128 to 512 GB of storage, that it is compatible with 5G and wireless charging and that the colors available are:

  • Starlight
  • Midnight
  • Blue
  • Pink

The iPhone 13 (classic)

2 – The iPhone 13 mini, yes, but …

The differences between the iPhone 13 and its iPhone 13 mini version are mainly found on the size side. Thus, the iPhone 13 mini is limited to a diagonal of 5.4 inches and dimensions of 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.65 mm for 140 g against 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.65 mm for 173 g with the basic iPhone 13. In short, this is a compact size ideal for small palms and which fits in all jeans pockets. But for streaming, we’ll come back.

comparative which iPhone 13 to choosecomparative which iPhone 13 to choose

iPhone 13 mini © Apple

The battery also lasts less: seventeen hours (maximum announced by the manufacturer) against nineteen for the iPhone 13. As for performance, the comparisons made with most benchmark apps do not show any notable differences between iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Both have 4 GB of RAM.

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Sold from 809 euros, the iPhone 13 mini is quite expensive for its value proposition. This is also comparable to that of the second generation iPhone SE, the price of which is on the other hand placed under the bar of 500 euros. This is a good alternative, still in a small format. In short, if you are looking for which iPhone 13 to choose at a low price, the mini is the wisest choice, but you may need to consult other ranges …

which iPhone 13 to choosewhich iPhone 13 to choose

iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini differences © iPhon.fr

3 – The iPhone 13 Pro

Who has an interest in choosing the iPhone 13 Pro?

The iPhone 13 Pro has many strengths that cannot be found on the “classic” iPhone 13 or on the iPhone 13 mini. The most obvious being its rear camera module, which relies on four sensors where the cheapest models are content with just two. By way of comparison, the differentiating elements here are the telephoto lens for very close-up photos with 6x optical zoom – which some ophthalmologists recommend – as well as LiDAR, which allows better apps in augmented reality. This radar is very gadget, we grant you, but some profiles such as surveyors or landscapers will appreciate.

Moreover, you should know that the iPhone 13 Pro has a screen size identical to that of the iPhone 13 (6.1 ″), its design also being very close except that the borders are here in stainless steel and not aluminum, while the colors are limited to silver, graphite, gold and alpine blue. A significant performance gap was also noticed, because the multi-core processor comparisons show better results on iPhone 13 Pro than on iPhone 13 because the GPU is better equipped.

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If you were wondering which iPhone 13 to choose with power but not too expensive, then the Pro is for you.

The advantages of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is, in short, a larger iPhone 13 Pro since its screen goes to 6.7 inches for a size / screen ratio of 87.4% (458 ppi) against 86% (460 ppi) for the ‘iPhone 13 Pro. Obviously, the weight of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is also a bit heavier, with 36g more on the scale, but that’s a detail.

Few other criteria will distinguish iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the phablet wins without hesitation the palm of best iPhone 13 in our comparison.

which iPhone 13 to choosewhich iPhone 13 to choose

iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max comparison © iPhon.fr

According to each need

Which iPhone 13 to choose for a teenager?

If the youngest want an iPhone 13, it is above all to show off in the playground. Buying them the smaller version may therefore spoil your gift, because its size could be noticed at first glance. The ideal is therefore to opt for the classic iPhone 13, less expensive compared to the iPhone 13 Pro and of similar size.

Which iPhone 13 to choose for work?

All iPhone 13s (including the mini and the Pro) offer support for two SIM cards as well as two eSIM cards. In theory, you can therefore easily reconcile professional and personal life with each member of this quartet. It goes without saying that it will be much more pleasant to work in multitasking with an iPhone 13 Pro Max with a large 6.7-inch screen.

which iPhone 13 to choosewhich iPhone 13 to choose

iPhone 13 Pro © iPhon.fr

Obviously, influencers who are fans of greedy content (4K, etc.) or even the design professions (architect, graphic designer …) will still be more inclined to bet on the iPhone 13 Pro for its chip, its 2 GB of additional RAM compared at mini and at 13 but also his level 999 photos.

Which iPhone 13 to buy on a low budget?

The iPhone 13 mini is the cheapest of all the iPhone 13s, with a base price that regularly drops below 800 euros in the event of a promotion.

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Which iPhone 13 to choose for Christmas?

The “classic” iPhone 13 and especially the iPhone 13 Pro are despite everything the iPhone 13 which benefit from major reductions most often, because they are the most popular. With sellers increasing the sales as the holidays approach, these two friends are perhaps the ideal choice for a gift under the tree.

Which iPhone 13 to choose for the photo?

The iPhone 13 Pro is the best choice for Instagram aficionados and the like, with its wide-angle (ƒ / 1.5 aperture), telephoto (ƒ / 2.8 aperture) and ultra-wide-angle (ƒ / 1.5 aperture) ƒ / 1.8). With a definition of twelve megapixels, the module is exactly the same on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which will not necessarily be worth spending more.

which iPhone 13 to choose differenceswhich iPhone 13 to choose differences

photo taken with iPhone 13 Pro © Apple

Which iPhone 13 to choose for filming?

All the video comparisons made so far by youtubers or specialized sites show that the iPhone 13 Pro (and the Max, suddenly) is the best choice for making movies. It’s good to know, however, that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max with just 128GB of storage have a difference. Indeed, they can only achieve 1080p at 30 fps, where the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max of 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB are entitled to the ProRes standard up to 4K at 30 frames per second.

All iPhone 13s, including mini, however, have Cinematic mode and audio zoom on board, which can also record in HDR with Dolby Vision up to 60 frames per second in 4K. Stabilization is also part of the game, very handy for capturing snow stunts, a freeway flow or any other activity that generates a lot of movement.

which iPhone 13 to choosewhich iPhone 13 to choose

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Which iPhone 13 to choose used or refurbished?

According to a study by SellCell which dates from November 2021, the iPhone 13 mini with 128 GB of internal storage is the one that loses the most resale value two months after being purchased. Its price drops by 32%, which drops it to around 550 euros. Barely more expensive than an iPhone SE!

In the less affordable range, we can also cite the honorable score of the iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB of storage which loses 28.4% of its value in just thirty days.

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