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The new version of macOS, Ventura, was announced during the WWDC keynote on June 6, 2022. It offers many new features, as seen there. It will arrive in the fall after a summer of beta testing. Moreover, a first test version was quickly made available to developers a few hours after its presentation to the general public.

For each Mac owner, interested in any new version of macOS, the following question obviously arises: will I be able to take advantage of the new features with my current machine?

Because, and we have seen it for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, but also watchOS 9, which says major update often says discarding old devices. These can no longer necessarily keep pace, having insufficient power to support the latest software developments offered by Apple.

Which Macs can install macOS Ventura?

Apple has provided the minimum prerequisites for macOS Ventura. Officially, therefore, the following Mac computers can update from macOS to Ventura:

  • Mac Studio 2022
  • MacBook 2017
  • mac pro 2019
  • Mac mini: all models since 2018
  • iMac and iMac Pro: all models since 2017
  • MacBook Air: all models since 2018
  • MacBook Pro: all models since 2017
  • And all Macs newer than those on this list

Some computers supporting macOS Monterey therefore cannot upgrade to Ventura, these are the 2016 MacBook, 2015 MacBook Air, 2015 and 2016 MacBook Pro, 2014 Mac mini, 2015 iMac and Mac Pro of 2013.

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The listing also shows that macOS Ventura can install both on Macs with Apple silicon chip and on Intel Macs.

macOS Ventura will arrive in the fall in final version. Until then, the OS will go through different test versions. We will not fail to detail its most significant new features.

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