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Which one do you prefer? So are the eccentric and luxurious mansions of Roberto Palazuelos


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The actor Roberto Palazuelos, 54, is going through very difficult times after a fire at your exclusive hotel in Tulum, in the state of Quintana Roo.

In addition to this imposing property, in which it has all the luxuries we can imagine, the famous ‘Black Diamond’ has several mansions throughout Mexico, such as the one in Tepoztlán, Acapulco, Cancun, among other.

Here are some of the imposing houses that the businessman also has.

Acapulco Mansion Mykonos Style

Roberto Palazuelos acquired the Mykonos-style property for about $ 2.7 million en Las Brisas, in the city of Acapulco.

The property, known as ‘The House of the Ensenada’ and which is available for rent, it has six bedrooms with minimalist touches and white tones, as well as four swimming pools and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Dinning room

The main dining room has a rectangular glass table with space for 10 people. The eight side chairs are white and have the same design, while those at the head are different and larger.

It also has a ceiling fan and views of one of the pools.

In addition to this dining room, the house has another one with air conditioning and equipped with a table for six people.


Its main room is equipped with three armchairs with gray seats and backs, a gray-tone rectangular coffee table, an oval-shaped mirror and great views of the sea.

It also has a ceiling fan to cool the room and your guests during the hot season.

Television room

The TV room has a pair of gray sofas, a square coffee table of the same tone, a chair, as well as a television set in the wall.


The six bedrooms of the mansion are equipped with all the comforts of a rest house on the beach.

Swimming pools

The four pools have very special and unique characteristics, as well as their respective rest area to catch the rays of the sun.

Cancun mansion

The famous tycoon has in Cancun Quintana Roo, a very striking property, in which it has all the luxuries that characterize it so much.

Through a series of photographs, the also lawyer has allowed us to know some of the spaces that he enjoys so much in the company of his son, Roberto Palazuelos Jr., including his precious works of art, such as this one by Leonora Carrington.


The room is one of his favorite spaces to take pictures and spend time with the family.

The room is made up of a white-toned modular armchair, two gray individual armchairs, a glass coffee table, a blue rug and a mini split that helps keep you cool during the hot season.

There he also has several paintings, including a monumental one of an elephant. The room has natural lighting, thanks to the large window overlooking the garden.


His home has a library, in which the Acapulco-born has a very large collection of books.

In that space you also have a beige sofa, a circular coffee table, a television set to the wall and various decorative items.


The bedroom is another of the corners that most attract the attention of his mega mansion and it does so because of the large screen that it has on the wall and in which you can watch movies with the best quality.

It also has a large bed with light bedding, a comfortable sitting room and a small wall-mounted television.


Because the temperatures in Cancun are very high during the spring and summer, while in the fall and winter it is hurricane season, the actor of ‘Hasta el fin del Mundo’ equipped a gym with all the comforts inside his home, so the climate is never a pretext for you to maintain the body that characterizes it so much.


Like a good beach house, the lawyer’s house has its own pool surrounded by palm trees and with spectacular views of the lagoon.

If there is something that characterizes Roberto Palazuelos, it is his tan, so his property cannot be without a very comfortable spa area at the foot of the pool.

Castle in Tepoztlán

His home of Tepoztlán It not only draws attention for its landscapes and its architecture, apparently an imposing castle, but also for its vibe, since the presenter also assures that he has had more than one encounter with aliens, having seen some UFOs.

In some of the chapters of the series ‘Mi Rey’, which he recorded for MTV, Roberto Palazuelos allowed us to discover the intimacy of his majestic castle, which has elements very similar to the Palace of Madrid, such as its doors and his smithy, because from there he took inspiration.

The bedroom is one of the lawyer’s favorite spaces, to such an extent that he invested in the mattress of his bed a figure similar to what a car costs.
Your mattress has quantum energy, rutile, ceramics and magnets, elements that help you to have a very restful sleep, to be healthy and to level your magnetic system.

From the highest part of its castle you have a very spectacular view of a wooded area and of the Tepozteco hill, which is famous for having a pyramid at its top.

Palazuelos considers that residence, which has not yet finished, as his retirement home and as the place where he goes to recharge himself with energy, so he will provide it with everything necessary to fulfill everything he is looking for.

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- Advertisement -Which one do you prefer? So are the eccentric and luxurious mansions of Roberto PalazuelosWhich one do you prefer? So are the eccentric and luxurious mansions of Roberto Palazuelos

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- Advertisement -Which one do you prefer? So are the eccentric and luxurious mansions of Roberto PalazuelosWhich one do you prefer? So are the eccentric and luxurious mansions of Roberto Palazuelos

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