Which parts of your vehicle wear the most frequently

Which parts of your vehicle wear the most frequently

The utility of the vehicles is beyond doubt. Its versatility and functionality are a great help on a day to day basis. But all cars, and their parts, have an expiration date. After a certain time or traveled a number of kilometers, some vehicle parts They begin to break down, to perform worse, and must be replaced by new ones.

These are the parts of your car that they are subject to greater wear and tear and need to be changed from time to time.


The tires they are vitally important to cars. The wheels are the point of contact with the road and, in addition, they are the ones that finally allow the car to move.

There is a fundamental element in the use of tires that must be taken into account: friction with the road. And it is that the tires provide grip so that the car remains firm and does not leave when tracing curves. Of course, factors such as tire type and size, tire pressure, ambient temperature, driving type also play a role in its wear.

The general idea is that you have to change tires every 50,000 kilometers, a distance that could be less. Keep in mind that some poor quality tires need to be changed every 10,000 kilometers.

What you should be aware of is that you cannot stretch the use of the tires and that you should replace them when they are worn, since tires in poor condition compromise the security of the members of the vehicle. You can make a purchase with neumaticoslider.es or another similar website to find the wheels you are looking for at the best price.


In theory, the battery of a car has a life of about five years, but there are many cases in which the batteries do not reach such longevity. The problem is that, on many occasions, the battery does not warn that it is going to fail, so it may well be the case that you are going to take your car and that it suddenly does not start.

It is possible that a battery has been discharged, something that can be solved using tweezers, but when a battery begins to fail, it will be a matter of time that it ends up burned out, so, when this happens to you it will be time to think about replacing it with a new one .

The temperature and, above all, the humidity of the environment are factors that are usually determining factors in the durability of the battery.


The consumables like the turn signals or the front and rear lights are elements that break down with some frequency. Luckily, the price of these consumables is very affordable, and any vehicle owner can cope with this expense.

It is not that they break down on a daily basis, far from it, but they are lights that can be easily fused.

Brake discs

He break system It is one of the main security measures that cars have. The brake discs are responsible for blocking the movement of the wheels and make the car stop.

A priori, every 120,000 kilometers must be changed, but let yourself be guided by the opinion of an expert: check your vehicle from time to time and have your mechanic advise you on whether or not to change this part of your car.

Every driver must have a clear premise: never compromise your safety or that of others. There is nothing more important than that. Starting from this base, everything else is accessory. If your brake discs are in very bad condition, they could break, which means that your car could not brake and almost certainly you would have an accident.

The point is that vehicle security features They are not as striking as a high horsepower engine or sports chassis. So pay special attention to the safety elements of your vehicle and always keep them in excellent condition.

Wiper washer

To drive it is necessary to have good visibility of the road and the rest of the elements that are on it. On rainy days the wiper washer, brushes that are very fragile.

Don’t forget to change the windscreen wipers, both front and rear, once a year or when you notice that they no longer help repel water effectively.

Air conditioner

He air conditioner vehicles are one of the elements that generate the most comfort in a car. Decades ago, drivers had to travel without climate control and suffering from high summer temperatures and winter cold. That is old water thanks to the air conditioners, however, they need maintenance that allows them to function properly.

The air conditioners have two elements that must be maintained and checked. He filter, that it must be cleaned and, if necessary, changed annually, and the Gas charge, which can last a couple of years.

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