which professional social network to choose?

which professional social network to choose?

Viadeo or LinkedIn: the choice between the two professional social networks seems obvious given the very superior notoriety of LinkedIn. The hesitant professional is also quickly won over by the LinkedIn platform interface, which provides clearer information and offers more intuitive controls compared to the Viadeo home page.

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Yet Viadeo continues to attract members wishing to build their professional network. This social network is worth considering, especially since the publisher of the platform announces upcoming changes that could satisfy certain interests.

How many users have LinkedIn and Viadeo?

According to the statistics provided by the social network, LinkedIn has:

  • Over 830 million members worldwide.
  • More than 24 million members in France.
  • More than 58 million companies registered.
  • 50 million users per week of the job search functionality, 95 applications per second for offers published on the platform, and 6 candidates per minute hired via LinkedIn.

Viadeo does not communicate its figures, it is difficult to obtain reliable and up-to-date information on the number of users of this social network. Note that in 2013, the institutional site Bpifrance announced the following figures: 8 million members in France and 55 million worldwide. But two years later, Viadeo recorded considerable financial losses and the company subsequently went through a series of difficulties, until it found itself in receivership in 2016.

Viadeo was bought by the Figaro group, and is now called Viadeo by JDN.

What are the features of LinkedIn and Viadeo?

LinkedIn and Viadeo are two professional social networks. As such, they share common features:

  • On Viadeo and on LinkedIn, the user creates a profile, to which he adds a photo and where he fills in his professional information: his skills, his experience and his training. Both platforms present the user’s CV online to inform third parties who consult their profile and attract potential recruiters.
  • Viadeo and LinkedIn also make it possible to build a professional network, visible to third parties. The user searches using keywords, finds members and connects with them to build professional relationships. He can then exchange messages with contacts in his network.
  • On Viadeo as on LinkedIn, the user can publish content to broadcast his news, inform about his activity or propose a feature article related to his profession, for example. This feature allows it to strengthen its professional image.
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A priori, the two social networks offer the same functionalities, they act as an effective online showcase for professional purposes. To date, however, LinkedIn offers features that are not only enriched, but also more efficient. Not to mention that for the moment, the use of this platform is much more intuitive, and the design of the interface is considerably more attractive in comparison with Viadeo.

Among the advanced features specific to LinkedIn:

  • An intelligent job search engine, with search suggestions.
  • The “Open To Work” badge to display the approach of the user in search of new professional opportunities.
  • The ability to publish and distribute job offers.
  • The LinkedIn Learning feature to find online training in a specific skill area.
  • A news feed with the latest publications from the professional network of the user, who can react and comment on the content.
  • An Event tab, a Pages tab or even a Hashtag tab.

While Viadeo looks like an online professional directory, or an online CV bank, LinkedIn looks like a social network perfectly. It should also be noted that LinkedIn contributes to referencing the user profile on Google: when an Internet user enters the name of a person or a company, his LinkedIn profile, provided it is optimized, is displayed in the results of research.

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What profiles do we meet on LinkedIn and Viadeo?

LinkedIn and Viadeo are mainly used to:

  • Expand your professional network.
  • Strengthen its notoriety.
  • Find a job or an internship.
  • Recruit employees or freelancers.

All types of profiles that express one or more of these needs are therefore present on LinkedIn or Viadeo, from the student looking for an internship to the active in retraining.

In practice on LinkedIn profiles:

  • The vast majority of the company’s professions are represented, at all hierarchical levels. We thus meet on LinkedIn marketing managers, salespeople, engineers and even customer advisors. The self-employed are also present on the social network, in particular freelancers in the digital sector, real estate agents and even consultants. However, some professions represent a minimal part of the community: artistic professions, craftsmen and medical professions prefer social networks better suited to their activity, such as Instagram, which is more useful to artists, for example.
  • The 25-34 age category is more numerous on LinkedIn, but overall all active people of working age are represented. Most of the assets are now digitized, at least to be able to use the platform. Especially since LinkedIn dates from the early 2000s, so users have had time to get used to how it works.
  • The majority of profiles come from the Île-de-France region, but this is easily explained by the current concentration of the job market in Paris and the Paris region.

Unlike LinkedIn, which lists a large number of company profiles for all employees and all sectors of activity, Viadeo no longer allows you to create a company profile. The social network indeed communicates on this subject, at the beginning of 2022: “the company pages are now available on Figaro Emploi, another brand of the Figaro group, focused exclusively on the employer brand”. Note that as a result, Viadeo no longer allows you to publish job offers. Presumably, this change in strategy should limit the number of profiles encountered on Viadeo. In practice, it also seems that the social network is neglected in favor of LinkedIn. Viadeo still has members, most of whom, however, are inactive: users who had created an account when the social network took off, and who let it fall into oblivion.

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Should you choose LinkedIn or Viadeo?

Choose LinkedIn if…

  • You are looking for an internship, a salaried job or a mission.
  • You want to stay alert to new professional opportunities.
  • You want to improve your visibility and build your professional notoriety.
  • You need to recruit.
  • Are you a company.

Choose Viadeo if…

  • You are attached to the fact that Viadeo is a French social network.
  • You are familiar with its use, and you appreciate its rudimentary operation.
  • You are betting on the potential of the new Viadeo by JDN brand, you are curious to discover the new interface and the features to come. The platform indeed announces an upcoming restructuring, which could breathe new life into the French professional social network. The announced promise: “allow you to build a quality professional network”, “better meet your expectations and help you develop your career”.

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