Which sound to choose to put baby to sleep? White noise? Pink noise?

Les bruits blancs pour endormir bébé, une solution magique ?

At bedtime or nap time, you might be looking for the perfect sound, one that goes make baby sleep easily and without fuss. Of course, one can think of the classic lullabies, but there are other noises that can make the sandman go through. Classical music is a safe bet, but have you thought about ambient music that gives the impression of being near the ocean or in the middle of the forest? And have you heard of the famous white noise ? Suffice to say that the choice of sounds and melodies that lead to sleep is vast. In all cases, the goal is the same: reassure baby, help him relax and take away the anxiety of loneliness. To help you choose the best noise to put baby to sleep, let’s review the various possible solutions.

White noises to put baby to sleep, a magic solution?

What soft music to put baby to sleep?

When we talk about noise to put baby to sleep, it is often the lullabies that come to mind first. These popular melodies generally give us an impression of softness and calm. But are they effective for all that?

Let’s see a somewhat surprising example to answer this question. In the agricultural sector, some breeders play classical music for their animals. The animals would then be less stressed and produce better quality milk or meat. Does this seem surprising to you, even downright eccentric? Yet it would seem that classical music does indeed have virtues concerning states of stress and tension. The principle specific to this musical genre is to transmit emotions and create harmonies. The way in which classical music is created therefore generates a soothing effect, found in humans as well as in some animals.

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For a baby, the whole thing is select a slow-paced song, if possible without lyrics, so that he can fall asleep more easily. Avoid operas or other melodies accompanied by vocals. Even very small, an infant recognizes the human voice and may be disturbed or simply distracted if he hears any. It is therefore obviously to be avoided for calm times. The music written by Mozart would be the most conducive to relaxation and concentration.

Which background music to choose so that baby sleeps more easily?

Apart from the scores of classical composers, background music can be an interesting option for encourage baby to fall asleep.

There are many playlists for piano or stringed instruments accompanied by noises recreating the background sound heard in the forest for example. However, be careful with do not choose just any background music. If you live far from the ocean and your baby has never heard the sound of waves crashing on the sand, it’s double or nothing. Either he will love it and let himself be lulled by this soothing sound, or on the contrary he can listen to it and ask himself what it is. In other words, he will be distracted more than anything else.

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For background music, at first, choose a familiar sound instead and avoid listening to a completely unfamiliar sound for the first time just before the nap. If the song features a flute or some other instrument unfamiliar to baby, play it first during the day to test her reaction and familiarize her with it before attempting to use it for sleep.

White noises to put baby to sleep: good or bad idea?

White noises to put baby to sleep: good or bad idea?

How to choose white noise to put baby to sleep?

So far we’ve been talking about relaxing music and sounds. But do you know white noise to help baby fall asleep ?

It is a continuous and regular sound supposed to reassure. It would be the ultimate noise, some sort of magic formula to help calm oneself down. In reality, the goal is above all to succeed in concentrating only on this sound in order toobscure noise pollution or conversations in the environment. So this can be a good option if the baby’s room is stuck to the neighbors’ wall or if your interior insulation is insufficient.

There are many devices on the market that emit white noise. Some only broadcast one and the same sound while others offer a choice of different tones. You can find night lights or even pillows that let out white noise. While some brands are surfing on this trend to offer white noise devices quite expensive, know that you can just as easily use applications or free recordings on audio platforms to find them.

And why “white” noise anyway? Its name simply refers to white light, which comes from the balanced mixture of other colors. Likewise, white noise would represent the right combination of high and low sounds.

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Fall asleep baby with pink noise?

If baby still can’t fall asleep after trying lullabies, background music and white noise, you have pink noise left.

It is a variation of white noise. Again, it is a question of diffusing a relatively soft sound, but more natural. The sound of a flowing waterfall, rain or even the noise created by the wind in the trees are examples of pink noises.

The ideal is to offer baby white noise to fall asleep and switch to a pink noise to promote deep sleep. The white noise should actually help your child to obscure outside or disturbing sounds in the environment by covering them up while the pink, more tenuous, should encourage them to stay asleep and not to fuss.

It’s a kind of light and reassuring presence in the background. The sound must then be relatively weak, because the expected result is to help your child to find sleep thanks to this noise and not that it is the essential condition to achieve it.

Do we necessarily have to choose a noise to put baby to sleep?

While some children find it easier to rest in the company of a soft melody or even your voice singing a lullaby, not all of them necessarily need it. Noises or classical music can help sleep, but if crying or sleeping troubles of your infant are recurrent despite the different backgrounds tested, it is also possible that they simply do not like them. Do not hesitate to test sleep soundlessly or consult a pediatrician if the difficulties persist. But if you have tried any, tell me, what sounds or music best helps your baby sleep?

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