Which zodiac sign is the worst in a relationship? On Twitter they have a winner

¿Qué signo del Zodiaco es el peor en una relación? En Twitter tienen un ganador

A sign is the one that has caused the most broken hearts, according to Twitter.

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Twitter, the social network of 280 characters, is being used by users to share, through the trend #WorstRelationship (worst relationship), what was the worst experience you have had with an ex, according to their zodiac sign. And the vast majority have come to a conclusion.

Netizens who tweet with that hashtag believe that stars play an important role, for better or for worse, in the life of a couple and this discussion has transferred it to cyberspace sharing their failed loves.

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AND the zodiac sign that has taken the prize as the worst in a relationship is Gemini, surpassing Scorpio and Sagittarius, according to a review in a New York Post article.

According to their astrological traits, Gemini has been stereotyped as a “two-faced” sign that often exhibits “deceptive” behavior; and unfortunately most of the people who got on this discussion on social networks have stated so. Dozens of users aired their bitter experiences they had with a Gemini.

“The worst relationship… was a Gemini. She was twice as terrifying, ”one user tweeted, while another wrote,“ My worst relationship was with a Gemini. This man had so two faces that I felt that I was the one who was cheating on him and not the other way around ”.

Even the Geminis themselves recognized that they are very complicated in a relationship. A user who said he was ruled by this sign posted: “As a Gemini, my worst relationship was with a Gemini, so yes, most of the time we suck.

While the majority of opinions were not favorable for the sign of twins, it does not mean that they are hopeless. The astrological benefits of Geminis include, among many others, their adaptability, fun and easy communication.

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