Whitepress, an international content marketing and netlinking platform

Are you looking for an international netlinking platform to manage your campaigns in several languages? Are you looking for a well-established platform in Europe? Chances are that the one we are going to present to you today interests you: we are going to tell you about Whitepress! We tested it and here is our opinion.

Netlinking platforms, sponsored articles, content marketing or brand content, there are dozens and dozens are also created each year.

It is therefore often difficult to know which ones to trust and especially where to go to create an advertiser account to limit the number of interlocutors and in the end save precious time in the management of its content marketing and netlinking campaigns.

In this article, we are going to tell you about an actor still little known in France, it is white press.

We tested it with an advertiser profile and we’re going to show you how it works and what we really think about it.

Whitepress, an international netlinking and content marketing platform

whitepress netlinking content marketing platform

white press is a Polish content marketing and netlinking platform that allows advertisers to target many international markets.

On the publisher side, it gives website owners the possibility of expanding their clientele by obtaining clients from many European countries and even North Americans.

A true 3-in-1 platform, it also natively integrates outsourced web writing services for advertisers and publishers.

Whitepress, a content marketing and netlinking platform for whom?

  • Advertisers who want to manage their netlinking and content marketing campaigns from an international platform that is not limited to the French market although more than 1200 sites are referenced there to date.
  • Website publishers who want to monetize their websites (it doesn’t matter here in which theme they are, Whitepress accepts all themes since their customers may have needs in all themes).

Some figures on Whitepress:

  • 38442 websites referenced (on the day of writing this article)
  • sites in 21 different languages
  • 1243 sites in France alone
  • more than 26 countries covered by the platform (europe and north america)

5 reasons to use the Whitepress platform

1- Publishers in more than 25 countries

Clearly one of the most interesting arguments of the platform when you have an international SEO strategy. With more than 38,000 websites in more than 25 countries, it’s hard not to find a site on which to order a sponsored article in the European or North American country of your choice.

2- A search engine for partner sites with 20 configurable selection criteria

whitepress search criteria

It is possible to filter very precisely the partners with whom you wish to work. With more than 20 criteria to filter through the platform’s full catalog, it will allow even the most selective advertisers to find sites that perfectly match all their criteria.

3- The possibility of outsourcing the writing directly via Whitepress, without going through a third-party platform

Outsource writing Whitepress articles

One of the advantages of Whitepress is to be able to delegate the writing in a few clicks with different levels of quality and by attaching a precise brief. It’s a real time saver compared to other platforms that don’t integrate this natively.

4- The referenced sites are all audited by Whitepress on the technical and qualitative part

evaluation website whitepress catalog

Directly from the site catalog, it is possible to view a score ranging from 0 to 10 which gives an evaluation score on the quality of the sites (technically and in substance (quality of articles and frequency of publication).

More details are available when you click on the name of a site that you would like to potentially shortlist.

5- A possible and integrated visitor tracking system

If publishers allow this option, it is sometimes possible to get guaranteed traffic on paid articles.

It is also sometimes possible to insert your own visit tracking system in order to determine the number of visitors from the article in question.

How to order an article on Whitepress?

whitepress registration

To order a sponsored article on Whitepress, a few steps are enough:

  • First, you will have to create an account to access the catalog of websites available on Whitepress. In a few minutes it will be done.
  • Once the account is created, you will have to create a project (specifically, the site you want to push via your content marketing / netlinking campaign).
  • Once the project has been created, you will now be able to access the catalog of sites referenced on Whitepress. You are free to use the more than 20 filter options available to select the websites most relevant to you.
  • After selecting the websites, all you have to do is fill in the article you want to publish or outsource the writing of the article to Whitepress before placing an order.
  • The order placed, you will then receive the link once published and the platform will check the availability of the article for the next 12 months. So you don’t have to worry about that on your end.
  • For sites that allow this, you will be able to obtain visit statistics on the item purchased.

Good to know: Whitepress has local teams for all the markets in which you will be able to buy links. So if you have any questions, you will be able to contact them and have an interlocutor who can answer you in French.

How to become a Whitepress publishing partner and earn money with the platform?

To become a publisher and partner of Whitepress, simply register on the platform from this page: https://www.whitepress.fr/for-publishers

Once your registration is validated, you will be able to add details on your site and fill in several offers.

Whitepress, what costs for sponsored articles?

As on most content marketing platforms, the costs per article depend on many factors and especially on the influence of the websites and their SEO KPIs.

The rates on Whitepress range from a few tens of euros to several hundred or even thousands of euros for the largest referenced websites..

Thus, as part of our test, we were able to buy an item on a quality site for only €56.

Since we outsourced the writing to test the option of outsourcing the writing of an article in French, we actually paid a little over 120 euros for this test order.

An acceptable sum for a sponsored guest article which only required about ten minutes of management time for the campaign compared to several hours if we had to manage the content writing on our side.

Our opinion on Whitepress: the advantages / disadvantages according to us

Do you want to have our opinion on the Whitepress netlinking platform? Here are some advantages and points that we think they could improve.


  • The possibility of ordering articles centrally in several different countries.
  • The possibility of outsourcing the writing of the article to the platform in a few clicks with different levels of quality.
  • The possibility of visualizing the sites on which one will buy a sponsored article (more and more mask this information to protect their data bases and the referenced sites but side purchaser, it is penalizing). On Whitepress, you can preview the site on which you want to buy the item beforehand and thus not have any bad surprises on arrival.
  • It is possible to exclude from the catalog all the domains for which you already obtain backlinks by using the “linking domains” functionality of Ahrefs which is natively integrated into the platform. This avoids buying links from the same referring domain twice.
  • Each month, it is possible to follow the performance of its backlink acquisition campaigns directly from Whitepress thanks to data from Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic SEO.
  • Many filters are available to very finely refine the catalog of interesting sites for its sponsored articles campaign.
  • Whitepress carries out a micro audit of the websites and it is possible to read a summary of the audit even before ordering: very practical for obtaining information without having to audit the site in question yourself. This is what they call “substantive evaluation” and “technical evaluation” with two ratings that range from 0 to 10.
  • It is possible to search for sites with which to partner with a search engine that will search for keywords in the site description, tags and domain name.
  • On the publisher side, the platform offers many options to determine what is accepted and what is not, which allows good quality control of incoming orders for demanding publishers.
  • It is possible to be both a publisher and an advertiser with the same account.
  • It is possible to order item by item by credit card or paypal. It is also possible to credit your account with the amount you wish to allocate to a campaign.
  • The platform automatically checks purchased items for 1 year to ensure that they are still online on the publisher’s site.

Points to improve

  • The translations of the platform which are not always very clear in French (but we find ourselves there anyway).
  • The quality of writing in French varies from one writer to another and according to the quality levels ordered (different packages are offered depending on the level of quality desired, we tested an average level and the result was generally satisfactory).
  • The user experience which is not very clear (difficult to navigate the first time to place your first order). Fortunately, the platform offers a free onboarding call for new customers.
  • In some areas, the offer of websites is still quite low compared to other “national” platforms, but the primary interest of Whitepress is above all to be able to manage international campaigns.
  • It is not possible to search for sites according to their keywords positioned in SEO but it is possible to search for them according to their tags.
  • It is not possible to buy placements in articles already positioned and existing on new markets like France but this functionality should arrive in the year.

This article was written as part of a sponsored partnership with WhitePress

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