Who are the siblings of Francisca from Despierta América?

Who are the siblings of Francisca from Despierta América?

Francisca, one of the most charismatic and beloved presenters of “Despierta America” ​​has a small family nucleus made up of her mother Divina and her younger brother Ambiorix Rafael.

The Univision host has shown her love for Ambiorix on several occasions, especially on social networks. This is her brother, who was born barely 10 months after her arrival. Both are very close, and were raised under the biblical education of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Francisca and her brother fought a lot when they were children but then their bond was strengthened when they lost their father when they were barely five years old. Her father died of a heart attack.

Fortunately, Francisca currently maintains an excellent relationship with her brother and her mother, as shown on the networks, they love each other very much and are there to support each other at all times, even despite the distance since Ambiorix lives in the Dominican Republic.

But Ambiorix Rafael Méndez Montero is not Francisca’s only brother. As she herself confessed in 2020 in a segment of the program where she works; she has 9 half-siblings on her paternal side although she does not have a close bond with them and that is why her identities are unknown.

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