Who has more money El Alfa or Anuel AA?

Who has more money El Alfa or Anuel AA?

Anuel AA and El Alfa are two renowned Latin American rappers who found their place in the urban genre, thanks to their constant work and the lyrics of their songs.

The two achieved fame and popularity and continue to generate new content for their fans. As both show on social networks, they lead a life of luxury, of millionaires; although the truth is that one of them has more money.

With a net worth of 20 million dollars (according to information from various sites such as Biooverview), Anuel AA is the richer of the two. This is explained since the husband of Yailin la Más Viral has a longer career since he started in music more than a decade ago.

Although his career has had ups and downs (for example, when he retired for a while because he went to jail), Anuel AA was able to get ahead and achieve his goals. Dating Latin star Karol G for three years also helped make him more well known. This year, the rapper released new songs such as “Si Tu Me Busca” and “Qué nos Pasó” and is preparing his 2022-2023 tour that will take him to different countries.

For his part, Emanuel Herrera Batista, artistically known as “El Alfa” or “El Jefe” managed to position himself within the category as a rapper, composer and producer; and he is considered one of the promoters of dembow (musical genre of Jamaican origin). The artist lives in Miami with his family and has a net worth of one million dollars, according to the site Exact Net Worth.

Fortunately, “El Alfa” is doing very well with his work in 2022. On Spotify alone, he accumulates 15 million monthly listeners, which allows him to make significant profits on this platform. In fact, it is estimated that El Alfa pockets 50 thousand dollars a month thanks to the number of reproductions that it has been having lately, according to data from the Royalties-Calculator site.

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