Who is Camila Sodi’s father?

Who is Camila Sodi's father?

Camila Sodi is a renowned Mexican actress who made her way into the television and film industry thanks to her talent, effort and perseverance; qualities that she may well have acquired from her father, Fernando González Parra, who stands out as a journalist and businessman. Some sources indicate that he is also a lawyer.

Fernando González Parra is a graduate of UNAM and has dedicated his professional life to the media. He was even the owner of the Ovaciones newspaper. In his personal life, Parra has practiced fatherhood on several occasions.

Together with the writer Ernestina Sodi, he had a strong love story from which not only Camila Sodi was born, but also Marina González Sodi; but the romance did not last long and a few years later they divorced. Ernestina had accused him of physical abuse.

After this failed marriage, González Parra married actress Nailea Norvind and had two other daughters: Tessa Ía González Norvind and Naian González Norvind, who turned out to be actresses like their mother and half-sister.

Norvind and Parra separated after 9 years and over time the relationship became more tense, to the point that the actress denounced him in 2020 on the “Things of Life” program for paying her daughters’ pension. In addition, the actress also confessed that she received abuse from Camila Sodi’s father.

Two other half-sisters of the actress from “Luis Miguel: The Series” are Fernanda González and Margaux González; also daughters of González Parra.

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