Entertainment Celebrity Who is Christian Nodal, Belinda's new boyfriend?

Who is Christian Nodal, Belinda’s new boyfriend?


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Christian nodal
Christian Nodal currently works as a coach for “La Voz México” with his new girlfriend, Belinda | Victor Chavez / Getty Images

Christian Nodal monopolizes the headlines this last week and not precisely because of his career as a singer or some feat in his professional career, but because he has become Belinda’s new boyfriend.

The Mexican artists met on the Mexican version of La Voz, where they both work as coaches. The rumors of romance came a while ago until the representative of “Beli” confirmed the news and days later he was encouraged to share a romantic photograph on his Instagram stories.

His full name is Christian Jesús González Nodal and he was born on January 11, 1995, so he is currently 25 years old, two years younger than Belinda. He is a native of the Mexican city of Caborca, located in the state of Sonora. He is the son of Jaime González and Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez.

Christian Nodal began his artistic career barely four years ago. His first single is “Adiós amor” published in 2016 with the record label Fonovisa which was a success with 950 million visits on YouTube.

In addition to being a performer, he is a composer, a talent that he discovered when he was 13 years old. He is known for being a musician of the Mexican regional song.

In 2018 he won a Latin Grammy as a revelation for his work. And this year, 2020, she won recognition at the Spotify Awards as a favorite Mexican regional artist.

Despite his short career, he has already released three albums: “I let myself go” (2017); “Now” (2019) and “Ay Ay Ay”, a current album whose first part was released in April 2020.

On Instagram it is easy to find with the name @nodal. There he accumulates more than 3 million followers and shares not only his music and his new projects, but also his looks.


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