Entertainment Celebrity Who is Inger Devera, Nacho's ex-wife?

Who is Inger Devera, Nacho’s ex-wife?


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Singer Nacho and his former partner Inger Devera are in the process of divorce
Singer Nacho and ex-partner Inger Devera are in the process of divorce | Instagram: @ingerdevera

Venezuelan urban music singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as Nacho, has made headlines this week after becoming a dad again to a girl he had with model Melany Mille.

But the controversial separation with his ex-wife Inger Devera still gives something to talk about, since he is in the process of divorce.

Nacho Mendoza and Inger Devera were together for six years before it all ended. They met when she was one of the dancers on the Chino and Nacho staff and from that moment they were very close, but they started without compromise. At the time she became pregnant, but he continued with a single life. When the second son arrived, she asked him to formalize the situation.

There was a time when they separated for three months due to his infidelities, but finally love and family were stronger and unity triumphed.

Inger thus became the mother of three children: Matías, Santiago and Miguel, who are the people who will keep them together for life despite no longer being a marriage.

Inger was born on December 25, 1985 in Venezuela. In addition to being a professional dancer and a mother, she studied Metalmechanical Engineering and Social Communication.

In October 2019, after so many rumors and speculations, Nacho finally confirmed his separation publicly, but denied that it was by third parties in discord. Rather, he indicated that they separated on good terms and always preserving the well-being of their children.

However, 9 months later the singer celebrates the arrival of his new daughter with Melany Mille, with whom he would have already started a relationship before ending with Inger, although that has been denied on many occasions.

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- Advertisement -Who is Inger Devera, Nacho's ex-wife?Who is Inger Devera, Nacho's ex-wife?

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- Advertisement -Who is Inger Devera, Nacho's ex-wife?Who is Inger Devera, Nacho's ex-wife?

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