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iOS 15.2 vs iOS 15.1

If the additional features that arrived with iOS 15.2 are probably its best asset, there is another detail that you do not necessarily notice at first glance: the velocity of the software. To be sure, the YouTube channel iAppleBytes therefore compared this version with the previous one, after having already done the same between iOS 15 (beta1) and iOS 14.6 earlier this year.

Unsurprisingly, we see with this test that iOS 15.2 is doing better than iOS 15.1.1, with less slowdowns and better overall performance. Most applications, however, launch almost at the same time, on high-end iPhones. However, some differences remain with the old models.

Please note: the video is only available in English, and there are no French subtitles at the moment.

Is it time to change mobile?

iAppleBytes notes as well as the first generation iPhone SE is for example a little less efficient today, which can be explained by several reasons starting with a technical sheet from another time. Indeed, this March 2016 laptop only has 2 GB of RAM, with a proprietary Apple A9 processor which although very well made for the time is pale next to the A15.

We can also mention the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s. It must be said that they too are more than five years old, moreover an edition released just before would be about to leave the list of products supported by Apple. It is therefore likely that their fate hangs by a thread, at the goodwill of course of their manufacturer. Remember, however, that these are some of his most popular articles.

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