Who is the father of Halsey’s baby?

¿Quién es el padre del bebé de Halsey?

This Wednesday the singer Halsey has announced her pregnancy through Instagram And from the pictures she’s shared showing off her bulging belly, there isn’t much time left for her to welcome her first child.

The news has been a surprise to his fans because he was not known for any romantic relationship. However, it seems that the artist found love again last year during the period of confinement with a producer, director and screenwriter named Alev Aydin, who has already been confirmed to be the father of her offspring.

He has actually taken it upon himself to clarify it by reacting to Halsey’s post by writing in the comment section: “My heart is overflowing. I love you darling”. “I love you, and I also love this miniature human being”, has replied his girl, who has also published an emoticon of a rainbow in Twitter in honor of the baby she lost in the first weeks of gestation in 2015, and Alev has been quick to retweet that message.

Although it is unclear when exactly they met, in 2019 he shared on Instagram An image of the two taken during a Los Angeles Lakers game thanking Halsey for the courtside tickets and the paparazzi photographed them together in October at an art supply store.

The couple also have a matching tattoo on the foot of the word “Seeds”, written in their respective letters, which were made last June, so it is not too risky to assume that their friendship gave way to “something else” between them. last March – when it is rumored that Halsey put an end to her courtship with the singer Yungblood– and that moment.

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