Who makes more money on Spotify, Anuel AA or J Balvin?

Who makes more money on Spotify, Anuel AA or J Balvin?

J Balvin has become a true star in the global music industry. The Colombian singer, famous for performing hits like “Con Altura” and “Mi Gente” continues to gain fans around the world, even with the controversies he has been involved in recently.

On the other hand, Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican ragpicker who continues to grow in popularity, especially on social media. Yailin La Más Viral’s boyfriend is a singer and songwriter, and he is also considered a pioneer of the Latin trap movement. Like his peer from Medellín, he is a millionaire. Both have the same fortune, since the net worth of each is 20 million dollars according to the Celebrity Net Worth portal. Beyond this, one of the two generates more income on the Spotify platform.

With a 93% popularity, J Balvin is the one who earns the most money on Spotify of the two. His monthly income exceeds 178.40 thousand dollars; while his annual earnings are estimated at 2.14 million dollars, according to the Royalties Calculator portal. On this platform, the musician has 33.59 million followers.

Anuel AA, on the other hand, has 21.45 million followers and has monthly income of more than 79.50 thousand dollars, while the annual ones are calculated above 954 thousand dollars, according to data from the same site.

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