Who was the first husband of Daniella Navarro from La Casa de los Famosos 2?

Who was the first husband of Daniella Navarro from La Casa de los Famosos 2?

Daniella Navarro is one of the finalists of La Casa de los Famosos 2 and that is why her private life is of great interest to the public, mainly her relationship with Carlos Arreaza, a man with whom she was encouraged to marry, although apparently neither of them I was very much in love.

Arraeza is Venezuelan. He was born on January 22, 1966 in Caracas, where he lived his entire childhood and adolescence, until, as an adult, he moved to the United States with the main objective of fulfilling different dreams.

Carlos is an actor. In the beginning, he obtained secondary roles, such as “Piraña” in the telenovela Paraíso, but his tenacity led him to participate in a total of 16 productions.

Currently, he also defines himself in networks as a businessman.

According to the actress herself, she told the podcast “How to live as a couple and not die trying”, the union (which took place privately on September 24, 2011 in Miami) happened without there being a real love between them.

According to what Daniella revealed, the wedding “was a drowning kick” and added: “My desire to walk down the aisle led him to ask me to marry him.”

In this social network he appears as: @carlosarreazaoficial and has more than 32 thousand followers. However (and despite being a public figure) he does not have a verified account, as many of his colleagues do.

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