Who were the husbands and fathers of Jenni Rivera’s children?

Who were the husbands and fathers of Jenni Rivera's children?

Jenni Rivera was a renowned American artist of Mexican origin who became a true legend since she died unexpectedly in a plane crash in 2012. Her legacy transcended to the present day and many of her fans are not only interested in her music but also for how he lived during his glory years and his personal love life.

Rivera developed as an American singer, actress, songwriter, designer, businesswoman and producer throughout her professional career, but she also had time to feed her heart with different loves.

The first was José Trinidad Marín, whom he met in his teens and whom he married. She had three children with him: Chiquis Rivera, Jacqueline and Trinidad Angelo. During this bond, Jenni was a victim of gender-based violence, but the relationship was definitely worn out when the singer discovered that her then-husband sexually abused one of her daughters and her younger sister, Rosie.

“La Diva de la Banda” publicly and judicially denounced him, but nine years passed before they managed to imprison him (because he was a fugitive). In 2006, they found him and Trinidad Marín was sentenced to 31 years in prison.

The artist gave herself a new opportunity in love with Juan López, whom she met in a bar where she sang. She also got married with him and they had two children: Jenicka and Johnny Angel. In 2002 they ended their relationship and years later the man was arrested for crossing migrants from Mexico to the United States. Two years later, he died of pneumonia.

In 2002, their marriage was ended, becoming a legal proceeding that caused Jenni a lot of torture. In 2007, López was detained by US authorities for crossing migrants from Mexico into the United States. Two years later, Juan died of pneumonia.

Esteban Loaiza was the last husband of Jenni Rivera. He met him in Mazatlán, Sinaloa during a game of the Tomateros de Culiacán for the Mexican Pacific League (where he played). In 2010, the singer married for the third time but the relationship lasted only two more years since Jenni asked for a divorce from her after learning that Loaiza was unfaithful to her own daughter Chiquis de Ella.

It was Jenni’s great love and they never married. According to the ‘Mariposa de Barrio’ series and her biographical book ‘Jenni Vive: Unforgettable, Baby!’ She called him before marrying Loaiza and promised to cancel the wedding if he gave up her addictions, which did not happen.

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